Current Controversies in Oncology

Current Controversies in Oncology and Current Insights in Oncology articles provide a forum for the exchange of views on topical issues in the field of oncology. The opinions expressed are those of the authors alone. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editor or ASCO.

Apr 22, 2013
"Personalized medicine embodies the concept of delivering the right care at the right time. An individualized approach to provide value-based, high-quality cancer care incorporates team medicine requiring patient access to comprehensive services offered by nurses . . ."
Feb 25, 2013
"Can we forgo whole-breast radiation in women with very early-stage breast cancer? This question has been addressed with two major research approaches. First is the question of whether we could identify a  a group of patients who could entirely forgo radiation due . . ."
Dec 20, 2012
Experts debate how to achieve both clear margins and the best cosmesis.
Oct 29, 2012
"As oncologists, we must be able to translate for our patients the meaning of true clinical benefit as a balance between patient- and tumor-centered outcomes. Overall survival and quality of life are endpoints suitable for patients with either early or advanced disease . . ."
Aug 29, 2012
The barriers we face in moving forward with a more universal HPV vaccination program include both social and financial barriers, but the potential benefits of HPV vaccination in males include societal benefits, such as herd immunity, decreased morbidity and mortality, and lower  . . ."
Jul 02, 2012
"Current efforts to better understand the genetic features that drive tumor growth of soft tissue sarcomas are expected to lead to studies that explore novel targeted agents in combination with standard therapies for these diseases . . ."
Apr 17, 2012
"The very sad aspect of the debate on PSA and screening for prostate cancer is that it seems to epitomize the epithet, “Often wrong, but never in doubt.” The discussion has repeatedly been mis-focused in current medical literature on whether the various PSA screening  . . ."
Feb 21, 2012
"Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, 'Disease desperate wrought by desperate measures are relieved or not at all.' In contrast, the predecessors to disease should require less desperation and greater concentration by the biomedical research community." 
Dec 20, 2011
"In summary, the evidence at present does not support the use of systemic estrogen in patients with a diagnosis of breast cancer. The decision to use low-dose local vaginal estrogen in women at high riskor with a history of breast cancer should be done on an individualized basis . . ."
Sep 12, 2011
"The notion of a vaccine to prevent or control solid tumors is inherently attractive based on the success of prophylactic immunization against a wide variety of infectious pathogens and the perceived specificity and low toxicity of vaccine monotherapy . . ."