Thank You From ASCO's Conquer Cancer Foundation

Oct 16, 2018

You offer hope. We offer thanks.

When you give to ASCO’s Conquer Cancer Foundation, your donation provides grants to researchers around the world. Research fuels the breakthroughs in cancer prevention and treatment needed for every cancer, every patient, everywhere.

“Year after year, we meet patients who credit their successful treatments to a discovery made by a Conquer Cancer grant recipient. I am thankful for every donor and every researcher because breakthroughs save lives!”
—Thomas G. Roberts, Jr., MD, FASCO, Chair, ASCO’s Conquer Cancer Foundation

“You funded the doctor [Breelyn Wilky, MD] who designed a clinical trial for my rare cancer. That trial saved my life. The trial has given me time to spend with my husband and raise my 5-year-old daughter. Thank you.”
—Brittany Sullivan, Six-Time Survivor and Conquer Cancer Volunteer

“Conquer Cancer believed in me as a researcher.”
—Breelyn Wilky, MD, 2012 Young Investigator Award Recipient

“The wonderful thing about philanthropic giving is that donors want to fund projects that tend to be a bit out of the box, but with potential to make large advances in how we diagnose, treat, and prevent cancer.” 
—Mark Applebaum, MD, 2016 Young Investigator Award Recipient

“The last thing on my mind when I learned I had leukemia was whether a young doctor was in a lab somewhere researching new treatments for cancer… These days, I think about doctors and donors and the role they play in the lives of patients every single day.”
—Linda Zanetti, Survivor

“Conquer Cancer’s Career Development Award has been the bedrock for the routine and investigational advances we have made at my institution for patients with squamous cell lung cancers, who have been a group of patients for whom the search for new therapies has been particularly difficult.”
—Paul Paik, MD, 2012 Career Development Award Recipient

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