Take Action: New Social Media Toolkit Helps You Support Federal Funding for Cancer Research

Feb 26, 2018

Thanks to funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Cancer Institute (NCI), millions more Americans are surviving cancer. We’re on the cusp of even greater understanding and treatment of cancer, but ongoing federal investment is vital to further these advances.

ASCO is undertaking an advocacy and communications campaign to demonstrate the vital role of the NCI in the nation’s fight against cancer.  As part of this advocacy effort, ASCO has developed a social media toolkit to help members raise public awareness of the NCI’s important role in advancing cancer research and to encourage members of Congress to ensure adequate funding for the NCI and the NIH.

This social media toolkit provides guidance on using social media channels, as well as practical tips, sample content, and other materials to help ASCO members leverage social media in support of federal funding for cancer research. Through social media, ASCO members can highlight key facts about cancer research, spotlight advances fueled by NCI-funded research, and call on Congressional lawmakers to continue their commitment to funding cancer research.

View the toolkit and take action.

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