New From ASCO eLearning: Online Education Platform Offers Enhanced, Personalized Learning Experience

Jul 19, 2019

By Sarah Hopkins, ASCO Communications

Personalization and streamlined navigation were two priorities of the recent ASCO University rebrand. Now called ASCO eLearning, the program name more accurately reflects what the program offers and who it is intended for.

“The priority I see for ASCO eLearning is to make sure that we’re building and improving content in a more directed approach, and not just responding to needs as they come up,” said ASCO eLearning editor in chief Marie Wood, MD, FASCO.

ASCO eLearning provides courses that fulfill learning requirements for oncology professionals in all career stages and specialties. The program offers an individualized learning dashboard that allows users to make a profile of their needs and learning gaps. Content recommendations are then made based on the user’s profile and course history, offering a more targeted list of suggested courses and materials to help the learner meet their educational goals.

The ASCO eLearning platform includes personalized course collections that divide lessons into smaller sections, each about 12 minutes long. This change is intended to make coursework more suitable for on-the-go learning.

“A lot of ASCO eLearning content is accessed, but not completed. Moving our programs to more digestible bites is important [to address the needs of ASCO eLearning users],” Dr. Wood added.

Another enhancement is that users no longer need to complete all course sections to obtain credit; CE/CME/MOC credits are now offered upon completion of each course section. Additionally, educational assets—relevant ASCO Meeting Library videos, ASCO Educational Book articles, ASCO journal articles, ASCO podcasts, etc.—are curated to complement and enhance course takeaways.

This program rebrand has multiple stages, so members can expect to see additional enhancements in the coming year. Explore the improved offerings.



Christos N. Papageorgiou, PhD, MD

Sep, 22 2020 6:25 AM

CancerBytes & Advantage are apps both sponsored by ASCO but are inaccessible to me because "the account is not registered" - please advise - thank you.

Sherin Ali

Apr, 18 2021 3:13 AM

Good morning
Asco self assessment suite when I buy it ..can download as pdf ??

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