New ABIM/ASCO MOC Pathway to be Available in 2020

Jan 23, 2019

A new assessment option for oncologists, the ABIM/ASCO Medical Oncology: Learning & Assessment, will become available in 2020 and will take the place of ABIM’s Knowledge Check-In in Medical Oncology. The Learning & Assessment is a flexible, lower stakes MOC program that offers physicians the choice of medical oncology assessments: a general medical oncology assessment, or disease-specific medical oncology assessments (i.e. Breast Cancer, Hematologic Malignancies). Whichever module one chooses, this path assures that a physician will continue to receive a valid and fair assessment that recognizes them as an ABIM Board-certified Medical Oncologist who is staying current in their field.

To support continuous learning, the Learning & Assessment will help oncologists identify knowledge gaps and strengths and will link them to relevant educational resources before and after the exam. Physicians will also be able to access support tools during the assessment, a process that better resembles day-to-day practice. ABIM’s traditional 10-year MOC exam will also remain an option for medical oncologists to maintain certification. More information about the Learning & Assessment will be available on ABIM and ASCO’s websites throughout 2019. Read more about the ABIM/ASCO collaboration

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