2024 ASCO Annual Meeting Preview: Experience a World of Inspiration

Apr 24, 2024

By Melanie Farrell, ASCO Publishing 
As the stage is set for another year of novel research, transformative breakthroughs in treatments, and visionary insights, anticipation mounts for the highly awaited 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting. Against the backdrop of an ever-evolving oncology landscape, this meeting is set to be a momentous event for all attendees, offering a unique blend of scientific discovery and an innate community spirit. 
Experience the exhilaration of scientific discoveries and the strength of global connections alongside over 40,000 oncology professionals. With a focus on enhancing patient care and improving survivorship and outcomes, this year’s gathering looks deeply at the intersection of the art and the science of oncology, delving into the core of our field like never before. 
The theme for this year’s meeting, selected by 2023-2024 ASCO president Lynn M. Schuchter, MD, FASCO, is “The Art and Science of Cancer Care: From Comfort to Cure.” 
“Engaging in difficult conversations about prognosis and side effects in an effective, empathic, and honest way is a key element in the art of cancer care and at the center of all we do,” Dr. Schuchter said. “I look forward to learning alongside you as our field discovers the latest research that spans the entire care spectrum—from comfort to cure.”  
Attendees will see the theme reflected in sessions throughout the meeting and during Dr. Schuchter’s President’s Address at the Opening Session.  
At the Annual Meeting, “you’ll hear the latest cutting-edge oncology research that will change practice and improve the lives of patients around the world. Simultaneously, educational sessions and workshops will give you practical tools and resources to have meaningful conversations with your patients about goals of care and prognosis, and to expertly manage symptoms to improve the patient experience of cancer,” Dr. Schuchter said. 
Come for the science, stay for the connection, and leave with an inspiration that will drive you forward. Read on for highlights of the can’t-miss events, new opportunities to connect with colleagues, and additional features for 2024 to personalize your meeting experience and make the most of every session you attend. 
Program information in this story is current as of March 21, 2024. View the most current information

Inspiration, Education, and Connection Await 

The significance of the ASCO Annual Meeting is apparent in its widespread reach and influence across the global oncology community. With extensive preparation and coordination, ASCO is committed to delivering a valuable and personalized experience for all attendees. 
The meeting features interactive, high-impact educational content encompassing the latest treatment updates across a spectrum of disease sites, offering unmatched learning and connection opportunities for all participants. ASCO is delighted to give attendees the option of participating in person, online, or both. 
Your Meeting, Your Personalized Schedule  
The meeting offers more than 200 sessions. With over 80 livestreamed sessions and everything available on-demand after the meeting, you can make the most of your time in Chicago. Use your devices—inside and outside the session rooms—to:  
  • Search a robust program by topic, speaker, track, or keyword. 
  • Pick where and when to watch so you can catch every compelling abstract presentation and thought-provoking discussion. (On-demand session videos and slides available as soon as 6 hours after the session). 
  • Take notes, download slides, pose questions to speakers, and answer case-based session polls.  
  • View and download posters, watch videos, and access session transcripts. 
  • Connect with attendees via direct, private emails using Find a Colleague. 
While meetings.asco.org will remain your go-to platform for viewing abstracts and accessing on-demand sessions, ASCO is piloting a beta version of an agenda-building mobile app, which will enable attendees to build, access, and customize their own personal schedules for all ASCO meetings. The pilot app enables attendees to add full sessions or individual presentations to agendas and easily review information about speakers and abstracts. Learn more
Opening Session  
The Opening Session on Saturday, June 1, will include the President’s Address, Guest Speakers’ Panel, National Cancer Institute (NCI) Director’s Remarks, Presentation of ASCO Special Awards and the Fellows of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and David Karnofsky Memorial Award Lecture. (Following the presentation, the full transcript and video of the President’s Address will be available to the public on ASCO Connection.)  
ASCO is excited to welcome Jonathan Carlson, PhD, and Abraham Verghese, MD, MACP, as the Opening Session guest speakers. Dr. Carlson leads life sciences research and incubation programs in genomics, immunomics, and biomedical machine learning within Microsoft Health Futures. Dr. Verghese is an infectious disease physician, bestselling author, and prominent voice in medicine with a uniquely humanistic view of the future of health care.  They will be discussing the imperative of advancing science while steadfastly supporting every individual impacted by cancer across the continuum of care.  
W. Kimryn Rathmell, MD, PhD, will join the Opening Session to give remarks as the NCI director. Dr. Rathmell is a nationally recognized oncologist and experienced leader in biomedical science and is a leader at ASCO. She was recently appointed director of NCI and previously led the Vanderbilt University Medical Center as physician-in-chief and chair of the Department of Medicine. 
Opening Session participants will also hear from 2024 David Karnofsky Memorial Award recipient Lillian L. Siu, MD, FRCPC, who is being recognized for her research in new anticancer drug development, particularly phase I trials and head and neck malignancies. Dr. Siu is a senior medical oncologist, director of the Phase I Clinical Trials Program, co-director of the Bras and Family Drug Development Program, clinical lead for the Tumor Immunotherapy Program and holds the BMO Chair in Precision Genomics at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and a professor of medicine at the University of Toronto, Canada. (Learn more about Dr. Siu and the 2024 Special Award winners.) 

Program Highlights 

Highlights from this year’s program of over 200 sessions include:   
  • Plenary Session, featuring presentation and discussion of the top clinical abstracts of the year 
  • Special Clinical Science Symposia with presentation and discussion of key abstracts on hot topics in oncology 
  • 16 Clinical Science Symposia, including 3 special cross-cutting sessions 
  • 24 Oral Abstract Sessions, featuring over 250 oral abstract presentations 
  • New: 24 Rapid Oral Abstract Sessions, providing even more opportunities for abstract authors to present from the podium 
  • Over 2,500 posters presented on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, including Trials in Progress 
  • Highlights of the Day Sessions on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday mornings 
First time attending? Looking for expert guidance on how to make the most of your ASCO Annual Meeting? Don’t miss “Navigating ASCO 2024: Tips to Optimize Your Meeting Experience” on Friday, May 31, at 1 PM (CT). New for 2024, this session is open to all attendees and will feature key perspectives from those who may be first-time attendees to seasoned professionals. (Find more tips for student, trainee, and early-career attendees.) 
State-Of-The-Art Science and Evidence-Based Education  
A record-breaking 7,025 abstracts were submitted for consideration for the Scientific Program. Of those, thousands were selected for presentation in Oral Abstract Sessions, Clinical Science Symposia, Poster Sessions, and online publication. The majority of abstracts will be released on May 23, 2024, at 5 PM (ET). Late-Breaking Abstracts (LBAs) will be released at 7 AM (CT) on the day of their presentation at the meeting. 
“The ASCO Annual Meeting Scientific Program is unparalleled in the breadth and impact of new scientific advances presented by world-class investigators. This is such an important opportunity, particularly for the next generation of investigators, to engage with the global oncology community, disseminate your work, and expand your reach,” said 2024 Annual Meeting Scientific Program Committee chair Angela DeMichele, MD, MSCE, FASCO. “I hope you will not miss the chance to experience the paradigm-shifting, practice-changing, and policy-influencing presentations at the Annual Meeting.” 
The Education Program offers a robust portfolio of sessions grounded in evidence-based learning. These sessions are designed to teach and engage participants across disciplines, as well as impart practical, take-home knowledge that can be applied to any cancer care setting. 
“For anyone in practice, or even those early in their careers or still in training, this year’s Education Program sessions provide curated content from highly specialized experts about optimal approaches to the diagnosis and management of cancer, while also enhancing our ability to provide compassionate, personalized care, from comfort to cure,” said 2024 Annual Meeting Education Committee chair Thomas LeBlanc, MD. “Attending ASCO24 is a high-yield investment that will pay dividends for your patients and your practice.” 
This year’s can’t-miss sessions include:  
  • ASCO Plenary Series: Rapid Abstract Updates 
  • Solving Decades of Drug Shortages in Oncology: What, Who, and When?—chaired by ASCO chief medical officer and executive vice president Julie R. Gralow, MD, FACP, FASCO 
  • How and Where Will Public Investment Accelerate Progress in Oncology? A Discussion with the NIH and NCI Directors 
  • The Lancet Commission on Women, Power, and Cancer: North American Launch (read more in ASCO Daily News)
  • Improving Global Access to Cancer Therapies Through Regulatory Authority Collaboration 
  • Optimizing Immune Checkpoint Blockade: Tailoring the Dose for Personalized Results 
  • New Frontiers in Lung Cancer Treatment: Expanding Options Beyond Chemotherapy 
  • Should I Order the Test? Expanding the Array of Emerging Diagnostics in Breast Cancer 
  • Daring to Cure: Advances in Melanoma at Every Stage 
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Prostate Cancer Care: A Path to Enhanced Efficiency and Outcomes 
  • Multidisciplinary Approach to Navigate Early-Stage Rectal Cancer 
Sessions will also examine state-of-the-art approaches in disease sites and biologics, including breast, colorectal, gastroesophageal, gynecologic, and lung cancers, gliomas, renal cell and head-and-neck squamous cell carcinomas, acute myeloid leukemia, and adjuvant cancer vaccines and biomarkers. Explore these sessions.
Find Your Community 
ASCO Communities of Practice (CoP) are special-interest groups that come together to build community, fellowship, and networking. Create new connections by attending an ASCO CoP meeting on Friday and/or Saturday. Join a CoP and learn more
Twelve CoPs will meet onsite at the Annual Meeting: 
  • Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Oncology—Saturday, June 1, 7:30-9:30 AM (CT) 
  • Artificial Intelligence—Friday, May 31, 1-3 PM (CT) 
  • Cancer Care for Veterans—Saturday, June 1, 10 AM-12 PM (CT) 
  • Ethics—Saturday, June 1, 4-6 PM (CT) 
  • Geriatric Oncology—Saturday, June 1, 7:30-9:30 AM (CT) 
  • Global Oncology—Friday, May 31, 1-3 PM (CT) 
  • Health Policy—Saturday, June 1, 4-6 PM (CT) 
  • International Medical Graduates (IMG)—Friday, May 31, 4-6 PM (CT) 
  • LGBTQ+—Friday, May 31, 1-3 PM (CT) 
  • Medical Education—Saturday, June 1, 7:30-9:30 AM (CT) 
  • Palliative Care—Saturday, June 1, 4-6 PM (CT) 
  • Survivorship—Friday, May 31, 4-6 PM (CT) 

Rediscover Your Commitment to Patient Care 

The ASCO Annual Meeting provides an invaluable opportunity for attendees in all stages of their careers to engage in discussions regarding high-quality, high-value cancer care and the art of oncology. Don’t miss these sessions, designed to spark insightful conversations on new cancer care innovations impacting your practice. A variety of topics will be covered, including: 
  • ASCO/AACR Joint Session: Drugging the “Undruggable” Target:  Successes, Challenges and the Road Ahead 
  • ASCO/ECO Joint Session: Common Sense Oncology: Equity, Value, and Outcomes That Matter 
  • Let’s Have the Conversation: Scaling Serious Illness Communication in Routine Oncology Care 
  • Harness Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Patient- Physician Relationships 
  • Integrating Palliative Care and Hematologic Malignancies: Bridging the Gap for Our Patients 
  • Rethinking Oncofertility: Empowering Education and Advocacy in Cancer Care 
  • Revolutionizing Rural Oncology: Innovative Models and Global Perspectives 
  • Shaping the Future of Cancer Care: Diverse Perspectives on Emerging Health Policies 
  • When Bad News Comes Through the Portal: Strengthening Trust and Guiding Patients When They Receive Bad Results Before Their Clinicians Do 
ASCO Voices  
ASCO Voices is an opportunity for members of the oncology community to share a personal story or experience on a global stage. Whether you are just starting your career, a veteran in your field, or a patient, ASCO Voices provides a unique platform to use your voice to support and inspire fellow oncology professionals.  
“Sharing these individual stories helps shed light on the human aspect of cancer care,” said Samantha Siegel, MD, who presented during the 2023 session. “The stories we share on stage may have far-reaching and long-lasting impact well beyond conference day.”  
The following speakers have been selected to share their stories at the 2024 ASCO Voices session on Friday, May 31, at 1 PM (CT):  
  • “I Hope So Too” by Richard Leiter, MD, MA 
  • “Why I Don’t Give Talks on Humor in Medicine” by Stuart H. Bloom, MD, MS 
  • “Trauma-Informed” by William E. Rosa, PhD 
  • “Genetic Testing Saved My Life” by Brooklyn Olumba, PharmD, BcPs 
  • “Long-Term Side Effects: What I Didn’t Expect” by Phuong Gallagher, BS 

Explore Your Tailor-Made Connection Opportunities and Discover New Meeting Features 

At the ASCO Annual Meeting, seize numerous chances to connect and collaborate with esteemed experts in oncology, global leaders in the field, and fellow professionals, all while carving out ample time to relax and unwind. This year, ASCO is excited to share new spaces and opportunities to network and recharge. 
Engage in Wellness Initiatives
Taking care of your health is important, so plan to stop by the ASCO Booth where you can: 
  • Share your reflections on what working in the oncology field means to you, while witnessing a skilled artist translate your sentiments and those of your peers into a captivating mural. 
  • Ease stress by spending time with therapy dogs. 
  • Take a seat in a massage chair and enjoy a little rejuvenation. 
Back by popular demand, our ASCO Garden has grown in size and offerings this year. Take a break from the meeting, get some fresh air, and enjoy the view of Lake Michigan on the D2 terrace. Enjoy plenty of food and beverages, games, comfortable seating, live music, and a big screen showing the 2024 UEFA Champions League final on Saturday, June 1. Wine and beer will be available for purchase in the afternoon. 
Chart Your Career Course at the Career Fair 
The ASCO Career Fair is located in Hall C, North Building, adjacent to the expanded Trainee and Early-Career Lounge. This space provides any oncologist at any career stage the chance to meet with recruiters and engage in additional networking opportunities. 
More Places and Spaces to Connect 
As you plan your 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting schedule, take advantage of the following events and spaces for networking and connection: 
  • Medical Student and Resident Abstract Forum: Support the next generation of oncology leaders and explore the research that physicians-in-training are conducting across the globe, on Saturday, June 1, 4-5 PM (CT), in the Trainee & Early-Career Lounge. 
  • JCO Journals Lounge: Meet with Journal of Clinical Oncology (JCO) editors-in-chief to network and discuss manuscript submission and scientific research. 
  • Women’s Networking Center: Connect with other women in oncology and sign up for individual mentoring sessions.  
  • Professional Development Breakfasts: Connect and share best practices in unique sessions covering topics pertinent to each community. 
  • Oncology Division Chiefs’ and Department Chairs’ Breakfast: Network and share best practices pertinent to department and division leaders in oncology.  
  • Patient Advocate Lounge: Gather with fellow patient advocates to take a break, grab breakfast and lunch, network with others, peruse patient education materials, and attend special sessions. 
  • ASCO Central: Become a member or renew your membership. ASCO staff can assist with any questions, from technical assistance to how you can get involved. ASCO merchandise is available for purchase. 
  • ASCO Bistro: An all-inclusive buffet lunch, available for an additional fee. 
  • Genomics for Oncologists 101: A limited-attendance, interactive half-day session on Friday, May 31, 1-5 PM (CT). Attendees will work in small groups to use online tools to interpret genomic data and discuss how to address questions related to genomic testing for patients with cancer. 
  • VitalTalk Workshop: Navigating Communication With Seriously Ill Patients: A limited-attendance, interactive half-day session on Monday, June 3, 8 AM-12 PM (CT), open to participants at all career levels. Attendees will learn tools for communicating effectively with patients and their families in emotionally charged situations. 

Onsite Amenities and Support 

Learn more about additional onsite amenities and services, transportation options to and from McCormick Place, and the latest information on meeting logistics before you arrive in Chicago. Highlights include: 
Free Onsite Childcare  
ASCO welcomes working parents and their children at the meeting. Free onsite childcare is available for infants and children ages 6 months to 12 years. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and it is highly recommended to register in advance as space fills up. Meals, snacks, water, and activities are included in the service. Dedicated spaces are available for nursing parents. Register and learn more. 
Professional Headshots   
Located outside of Hall B1, the professional headshot booth is free for all attendees and available on a first-come, first-served basis.  
New: Shuttle Buses to the Airport 
Skip the long taxi, Lyft, and Uber lines and take advantage of the new airport shuttle from McCormick Place to O’Hare International Airport starting in the afternoon on Sunday, June 2, and continuing through Tuesday, June 4. 

Experience ASCO24 Online 

ASCO recognizes that members of the global oncology community may experience barriers to in-person attendance at the Annual Meeting, including personal obligations, financial and scheduling constraints, and health concerns. ASCO continues to provide a robust digital meeting experience to ensure that everyone can access the science and education from anywhere in the world. Find the full program and everything you need to participate in ASCO24 online
Connect on Social Media  
Connect with ASCO on social media to keep up with the latest information from the 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting. Follow us on X/Twitter (@ASCO), Instagram (@ascocancer), LinkedIn, and Facebook. Share your meeting experience using the official hashtag #ASCO24. Meeting coverage will primarily be posted on X/Twitter and Instagram.  
You can also follow the #ASCO24 Featured Voices—ASCO volunteers who have committed to leading a robust social media conversation throughout the meeting. Featured Voices will be announced in late May. 
ASCO Daily News: Your Official Conference Reporter  
Bookmark ASCO Daily News for up-to-the-minute coverage before, during, and after the meeting. Catch up on key sessions and clinical takeaways with high-quality, unbiased research summaries and oncology news. The ASCO Daily News Podcast highlights key abstracts and research summaries from experts in the field. A new video series, First Look With ASCO Daily News, will feature analysis of practice-changing data from key opinion leaders.  
ASCO Educational Book  
Each year, the best minds in oncology come together to author scholarly reviews for the PubMed-indexed ASCO Educational Book. Catch up on the newest developments in oncology, written by ASCO Annual Meeting Education Program faculty and other invited experts. This publication is online only; articles are free to read and download. 

Are You Ready for ASCO24? 

The 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting is just a few weeks away, but you still have time to prepare.  
May 2024: 1 month out  
  • Look over the program at and download ASCO’s pilot agenda-building app to build your custom schedule. 
  • Use the Find a Colleague directory to send a private direct message to other registered attendees and make plans to meet or catch up.  
  • Check out the visitors’ guide to Chicago and plan to visit some of the best museums, restaurants, and experiences the city has to offer. 
  • Make sure you’re following ASCO and the meeting hashtag #ASCO24 on your preferred social media apps.  
Week of May 24: 1 week out  
May 31 through June 4: During the 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting
  • Utilize point-of-session–based tools like polling, Q&A, note-taking, and to claim credits.  
  • Explore the Exhibit Hall, where you’ll find exhibits, posters, the Industry Expert Theater, Innovation Zone, and food courts.  
  • Stop by the Metra desk on Level 2.5 to pick up your complimentary passes to the city’s Metra train system. 
  • Read ASCO Daily News for session coverage and more.  
  • Claim credit for individual sessions and provide feedback as you attend sessions using the digital Program Guide
  • Certificates of Attendance can be printed onsite in ASCO Central. It is highly encouraged that learners claim credit as they attend sessions, rather than at the end of the meeting. Find more information
After the Annual Meeting:  

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation, is proud to support the 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting. Learn more about how you can fund innovative research for every cancer, to help every patient, everywhere

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