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What’s New for 2023 ASCO-SEP Digital Subscription: Redesigned Book and Question Bank for Improved User Experience

Sep 22, 2023

The 2023 edition of ASCO’s Self-Evaluation Program (ASCO-SEP) Digital Subscription is more portable and easier to annotate. The latest updates offer a more customized learning experience. ASCO-SEP provides comprehensive review tools for oncologists preparing to take the Medical Oncology initial certification, maintenance certification exams, or those desiring a refresh on foundational concepts of standards of care.

New and Expanded Features for Learning on the Go

The digital book is available on a new mobile-friendly app with improved offline access for those reading and studying on the go. The digital edition also syncs seamlessly from the desktop to the upgraded mobile app, so users can keep their current page and access all of their bookmarks and notes no matter what device they’re on at a particular moment.

Also new this year, users can highlight within the text to make reviewing key takeaways easier. Additionally, reader preferences can be customized with various fonts, layouts, easy-to-read page colors, and screen brightness levels to make reading more comfortable.

“One of my favorite features of the latest book is the ability to print and download chapters immediately when you need a break from the daily scrolling,” said ASCO-SEP editor-in-chief Jill Lacy, MD.

Question Bank: New Exam Formats

The ASCO-SEP subscription includes access to the growing bank of more than 1,000 multiple-choice practice questions. Questions are written and peer-reviewed by medical oncologists using the ABIM Medical Oncology blueprint as an outline for topics covered in the bank. During the 12-month subscription period, questions are routinely added and updated regularly. The context-rich questions offer detailed rationales for the various answers, allowing readers to test and understand their reasoning and apply their knowledge. New in the 2023 edition, two exam formats are now available: practice questions and a timed practice exam.

With the practice questions, users can create customized self-assessments in the bank based on their learning needs. Users can choose the number of questions and specific tumor topics from the bank. The new timed practice exam is a 3-hour, 100-question, multiple-choice assessment that simulates the testing experience based on the Medical Oncology blueprint percentage allocations of the certification exams. The Question Bank also features system-generated graphics that show learning progress and gaps at a glance for both exam formats.

ASCO-SEP Digital Edition and Question Bank: Complimentary Board Prep Tools

The redesigned ASCO-SEP Digital Edition offers an expansive search, allowing users to search the entire book, including notes, bookmarks, and highlights. Readers can use this search feature during the timed practice exam for extra assistance during their studies—a practical and strategic approach to exam preparation.

“When used together, the Digital Edition and Question Bank give a comprehensive overview of the current landscape of medical oncology,” said Dr. Lacy. “They serve as resources not only for board examination preparation but valuable foundational knowledge for patient care during your career.”

Using Principles of Evidence-Based Education

The updates to ASCO-SEP are part of the Society’s ongoing commitment to designing educational products that follow the latest evidence about how people process, retain, and apply knowledge. The result is a series of educational products and experiences that take learners from hearing the latest studies and evidence presented at an ASCO meeting to applying these data to everyday clinical practice with their patients.

Exclusively for oncology training programs and trainees, the ASCO-SEP Digital Subscription is available at a significantly reduced price. Learn more about the discounted rate and place an order for your program.

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