Newly Founded Central and Eastern Europe Regional Council Begins Its Work

Sep 15, 2023

ASCO is excited to announce the establishment of its newest regional council. The Central and Eastern Europe Regional Council (CEERC) will be the Society’s fourth, following the creation of those in the Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Sub-Saharan Africa regions. Members of this newest body will be added to the cadre of regional council representatives who are working to address regional and global issues in cancer care.
Like their counterparts in the other regions, the CEERC members will represent the needs of oncology professionals in their respective countries, help ASCO adapt the Society’s programs and products to address these needs, and help members in the region get involved in these efforts and in ASCO’s global programs generally. This is a pivotal time for the region, and ASCO’s goal is to work with leaders in this geographic area to ensure cancer patients are prioritized and their care is enhanced.
“The Central and Eastern European region has a vibrant oncology community, and ASCO is fortunate to have an active membership in this part of the world,” said ASCO International Affairs Committee chair Dr. David Kerr. “Through this Regional Council we look forward very much to deepening our work with these members, learning from their experiences, and supporting their innovative efforts to improve quality of care and patient outcomes.”
This council is particularly interested in increasing mentoring opportunities between experienced oncologists and students, trainees, and early-career professionals, as well as finding ways to collaborate on work across the region. The council also will be working on a variety of ASCO programs and initiatives, including:

The CEERC members, who met for the first time on September 13, are focused on three initial tasks: selecting a council chair, completing a survey about oncology needs and interests in their region, and beginning the process of selecting a site for the International Cancer Corps.

The ASCO ICC program is designed to improve the quality of cancer care at medical institutions in low- and middle-income countries through oncology training to clinical staff. Training is provided by ASCO volunteers serving as faculty and mentors for various educational programs and in-person hospital visits over the course of several years.

The newest ICC site to date is the Instituto Oncologico del Oriente Boliviano in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, which was selected through a competitive application and review process by the ASCO Latin America Regional Council. The Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Council is currently in the process of reviewing applications for an ICC site in that region.

The Society invites ASCO members in Eastern and Central Europe to contact their respective country representatives by emailing to learn more about ASCO programs and to suggest issues for Society consideration. Members who would like to be introduced to their country representative can contact ASCO, and staff will facilitate an introduction; please also contact us for more information about any of our regional councils.

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