NCORP May 2016 Update

NCORP May 2016 Update

Michael A. Thompson, FASCO, MD, PhD

May 31, 2016

A brief NCORP update. I didn’t attend the Spring NCTN Cooperative Group Meetings (on call), so I don’t have direct information about those, but thought I’d still consolidate some information before ASCO. The NCTN and NCORP continue to open and modify Precision Medicine clinical trials including ALCHEMIST, LungMAP, Exceptional Responders, and NCI MATCH as noted below.


I previously commented on the NCI Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (MATCH) in my “NCORP November 2015 Update” last November in the ASCO Connection and the Oncology Times.

I noted that “response to molecular testing has been far more brisk and enthusiastic than anticipated” and the NCI issued an interim update on May 6.

You can view links to the interim analysis slide deck, as well as a PDF version of the interim analysis executive summary.

Recently (May 26), a Press Release indicated that May 31 will be the re-activation date.

Changes include:





Lab capacity (Pts/wk)












It was also noted that:

Trial leaders will strengthen communication with enrolling physicians about the importance of referring into the trial only those patients who have adequate function of major organs and are able to carry out light daily physical activities.

Patients must be able to withstand being off treatment for up to six weeks because the process of genetic testing can take up to three or four weeks to complete, starting from the time of the patient’s tumor biopsy. Then, for patients who have a gene abnormality matching one of the 24 treatment arms, it can take up to two additional weeks to evaluate whether they meet the eligibility requirements for entering the specific treatment arm.”

Arms include:

NCI-Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (NCI-MATCH) Trial

EAY131-A: Afatinib/EGFR Activating Mutations
EAY131-B: Afatinib/HER2 Activating Mutations
EAY131-E: AZD9291/EGFR Mutations (T790M/Rare Activating)
EAY131-F: Crizotinib/ALK Translocations
EAY131-G: Crizotinib/ROS1 Translocations
EAY131-H: Dabrafenib and Trametinib: BRAF V600K/V600E Mutations
EAY131-I: GDC-0032 (taselisib)/PIK3CA Mutations
EAY131-N: GSK2636771/ PTEN Mutation or Deletion w/ PTEN Expression on IHC
EAY131-P: GSK2636771/ PTEN Loss by IHC
EAY131-Q: T-DM1/HER2 Amplification
EAY131-R: Trametinib: BRAF Fusions or non-V600K/non-V600E Mutations
EAY131-S1: Trametinib/ NF1 Mutations
EAY131-S2: Trametinib/GNAQ/GNA11 Mutations
EAY131-T: Vismodegib/SMO/PTCH1 Mutations
EAY131-U: Defactinib/NF2 Loss
EAY131-V: Sunitinib/cKIT Mutations
EAY131-X: Dasatinib/DDR2 Mutations
EAY131-C1: Crizotinib/MET Amplification 
EAY131-C2: Crizotinib/Exon 14 Skipping 
EAY131-W: AZD4547/FGFR Fusions, Mutations, and Amplifications 
EAY131-Y: AZD5363/AKT Mutations 
EAY131-Z1A: Binimetinib/NRAS Mutations Awaiting CRADA.
EAY131-Z1B: Palbociclib/CCND1,2,3 Amplification(and Rb protein expression by IHC)
EAY131-Z1D: Nivolumab/MMR deficiency (IHC: MLH1, MSH2)

Links and Hashtags for NCORP / NCTN Research Bases

NCORP resources

Upcoming NCORP Research Base Meetings


  • Jul 14-17 – NRG - Dallas, TX
  • Sep 25, 26 - ASCO Research Community Forum (not NCORP, but relevant – COI: I am chairing meeting)
  • Oct 17, 18 - NCI NCORP Annual Meeting - NCI
  • Nov 3-5 – Alliance - Chicago, IL


  • Feb 9-12 – NRG – Houston, TX
  • May 11-13 – Alliance - Chicago, IL
  • July 13-16 – NRG - Philadelphia, PA
  • Nov 2-4 – Alliance - Chicago, IL


  • Jan 25-28 – NRG - Phoenix, AZ
  • Jul 12-15 – NRG – Philadelphia, PA

ECOG-ACRIN Fall 2016 Group Meeting

Meeting Dates:
8:30 AM, Thursday, November 10 thru 1:00 PM, Saturday, November 12, 2016
The dates for this meeting are confirmed; however, the start and end times are subject to change.

Meeting Location:
JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes
4040 Central Florida Parkway
Orlando, FL 32837
Phone: 407.206.2300

Registration for this meeting will open in early September 2016.

Future Group Meetings

Spring 2017: Washington, DC, May 4-6

Fall 2017: Orlando, FL, October 26-28

Spring 2018: Chicago, IL, May 3-5

Fall 2018: Fort Lauderdale, FL, October 25-27

Spring 2019: Boston, MA, May 2-4

Fall 2019: Fort Lauderdale, FL, October 24-26


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