Whether you're a trainee or seasoned oncology professional, there are always new developments in the field to keep you on your toes. ASCO Connection has interviews and articles by industry professionals that can help you find a new job in the field, apply for funding, and achieve your career goals.

Jan 10, 2020
Dr. Inas Abuali gives a few tips on how to break up with your mentor, without burning a professional bridge.
Jan 10, 2020
Health care professionals, particularly physicians, have a complex relationship with error, writes Dr. Sharon F. McGee. “Do no harm” is a noble mantra that can set us up for a failure that we can find hard to accept.
Nov 07, 2019
Dr. Nishin Bhadkamkar describes a day in the life of a training program director and the value of a career path that isn't master-planned.
Nov 07, 2019
There is one challenge that each of us faces as we conclude our training, one for which we are given no formal instruction: negotiating a contract. Dr. Jennifer Leigh McQuade and Dr. Graham T. Watson offer practical advice for academic medicine and community practice jobs.
Sep 19, 2019
Mary L. (Nora) Disis, MD, FASCO, is the Helen B. Slonaker Endowed Professor for Cancer Research. 
Jul 19, 2019
Sogol Mostoufi-Moab, MD, MSCE, is an assistant professor of pediatrics in the Divisions of Endocrinology and Oncology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Perelman School of Medicine and director of the institution’s Endocrine Late Effects After Cancer Therapy Program. 
Jul 19, 2019
This mini-workbook is a version of a talk given by Dr. Mina S. Sedrak, transformed into a practical tool for senior oncology fellows to use during their job search.
May 06, 2019
Dr. Elizabeth Garrett-Mayer loves the moment when someone who thinks “statistics is hard” realizes how helpful and enlightening statistics and data displays can be when clearly presented. 
Apr 30, 2019
Dr. Surbhi Sidana shares her insider tips on how to make the most of the meeting's many opportunities. 
Mar 07, 2019
An encounter with a suffering patient was a pivotal moment in Dr. Cardinale Smith's career.