Integrating New Knowledge and Ideas Into Our Practice and Research

Integrating New Knowledge and Ideas Into Our Practice and Research

Linda R. Duska, MD, MPH

Jul 20, 2022
The weeks following the ASCO Annual Meeting always feel like a bit of a reset, as we emerge, either from McCormick Place or from behind our computer screens, energized from connecting with friends and colleagues, ready to integrate new knowledge into our practice and new ideas into our research. 
Within our Society and our Association, the ASCO Annual Meeting also marks the moment of leadership transitions, with new Board and committee members taking office and others rotating off after concluding their volunteer service. You have the opportunity to meet a few of those new leaders in this issue:
We welcomed the 2022-2023 members of the Boards of Directors of the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the Association for Clinical Oncology.
Our cover story profiles 2022-2023 ASCO president Dr. Eric P. Winer. For his presidential term, he has chosen the theme “Partnering With Patients, the Cornerstone of Clinical Care and Research,” which will explore the evolution of the relationship between patient and medical professional in our modern era, and how we can strengthen those interactions.
Dr. Everett E. Vokes concluded his term as 2021-2022 president in June and now serves as chair of the Society Board. You can read his presidential address on the theme “Advancing Equitable Care Through Innovation” and watch the video of Dr. Vokes’ inspiring presentation.
In our ongoing series about Women Who Conquer Cancer, you will meet Dr. Cynthia Villarreal-Garza, who was honored with this year’s International Women Who Conquer Cancer Mentorship Award. Dr. Villarreal-Garza talks about what it means to be recognized as a leader and mentor. 
Leadership doesn’t always begin with election to a prestigious role or a nomination for an award; often, a leader is someone who sees something that needs to be done and simply does it, without fanfare. ASCO Connection is very proud and honored to recognize the quietly extraordinary leadership of Dr. Merry Jennifer Markham, who developed ASCO’s COVID-19 guidance for patients on Cancer.Net in March 2020—and then reviewed and updated that material daily for nearly 2 years. Dr. Markham and ASCO chief medial officer Dr. Julie R. Gralow discuss lessons learned during the pandemic. 
For our readers who are currently in training, your path to becoming the next generation of leaders in our field starts by finding your first oncology job. Members of the ASCO Trainee & Early Career Advisory Group collaborated on a comprehensive job search workbook that breaks down the full process, with special considerations for academia, community practice, and international medical graduates. Their closing advice is excellent for anyone, at any career stage: The right job is not the one that is perfect on paper, but the one “where you are appreciated, valued, celebrated, and wanted.”


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Merry Jennifer Markham, MD, FASCO, FACP

Jul, 22 2022 6:38 AM

Oh, my! Dr. Duska, thank you so much for you kind comments about my work on the COVID blog. Thank you, thank you.

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