Until We Meet Again: A Letter to Members and #ASCO20 Attendees From Choose Chicago

Until We Meet Again: A Letter to Members and #ASCO20 Attendees From Choose Chicago

Guest Commentary

Aug 04, 2020

By David Whitaker
President and CEO, Choose Chicago

Every June, Chicago looks forward to welcoming the ASCO leadership and members and ASCO Annual Meeting attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to our city. You come to Chicago and McCormick Place to learn, innovate, network, and experience all the ASCO Annual Meeting and our city have to offer. The ASCO Annual Meeting is not only the most innovative scientific medical meeting in the world, but Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation, continues to raise millions for cancer research and these funds go directly to research and discoveries that will save lives globally. Thank you for the work all of you do day in and day out.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 halted the 2020 experience and our community could not have missed you more. We missed the tens of thousands of ASCO attendees and exhibitors bustling through our city and interacting with our hospitality professionals that are here to serve and enhance your experience in Chicago. We look forward to welcoming you once again—hopefully in 2021, on June 4-8. Mark your calendars for another innovative, exciting, collaborative experience in Chicago.

Perhaps most importantly at this time, as top health and medical professionals, I know that many of you and your organizations are on the front lines of our battle with and response to COVID-19 and those dramatically impacted. Thank you for all you are doing at this time.

On behalf of the City of Chicago, State of Illinois, and our countless hospitality workers, thank you for making Chicago home.  

Mr. Whitaker is president and CEO of Choose Chicago, the official tourism board of Chicago, where the ASCO Annual Meeting traditionally takes place when held in person. 


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