Today’s Breakthroughs Require Year-Round Support

Apr 24, 2018

Promising breakthroughs in cancer care don’t just happen overnight; they result after years of hard work by the brightest minds in cancer research. Yet many are unaware of the vast resources necessary to fuel cutting-edge research projects. Increasing awareness around this issue is vital to speeding progress against cancer.

“Clinical trials are difficult, and they cost a lot of money,” said Aude Chapuis, MD, of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. She has spent her career investigating T-cell therapy – a type of immunotherapy that has proven effective for treating certain cancers. Her early work in this area was supported by the 2010 AACR-Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO Young Investigator Translational Cancer Research Award.

“The bottom line is, is if I had not received the Young Investigator Award, I would not be here,” said Dr. Chapuis, who is now overseeing several clinical trials building on the findings of her initial study. “The work enabled by my award was instrumental in revealing what needed to be done moving forward.”

One of the best ways to ensure research like Dr. Chapuis’s continues, uninterrupted, is by giving monthly to ASCO’s Conquer Cancer Foundation. Monthly gifts provide Conquer Cancer with a steady source of income to invest in the world’s best cancer doctors working to accelerate research on all types of cancer. Donations are also processed automatically, which helps to reduce costs and allows gifts to have the greatest possible impact advancing the prevention, treatment, and cures of cancer.

One ASCO member described why she became a monthly donor, stating, “Improving cancer outcomes requires funding to support a spectrum of initiatives that address the ever-changing needs of oncology clinicians and the patients they serve. My monthly support of Conquer Cancer allows me to contribute to progress in global issues relevant to cancer care that extend beyond my clinical practice and research.”

Join your colleagues and become a monthly donor today. Visit CONQUER.ORG/GiveMonthly to set up your recurring donation.

Dr. Chapuis’s Young Investigator Translational Cancer Research Award was jointly supported by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and Conquer Cancer.

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