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ASCO Offers Comprehensive Benefits for Clinical and Translational Researchers

Sep 23, 2010

October 2010 Issue: Improved outcomes for patients with cancer is the goal of all ASCO members, and innovative science is a critical means to that end. “Even almost 20 years ago, it was very clear that ASCO is the premier society for physicians and clinical researchers in hematology/oncology. As a practicing oncologist, clinical researcher, and teacher, ASCO and its activities, services, and meetings continue to be a resource for me,” said Maha Hussain, MD, FACP, of the University of Michigan and Chair of the Genitourinary Cancers Symposium Program Committee.

Advocating for increased funding
Conducting groundbreaking research requires a sound hypothesis, a keen scientific mind, a sense of discovery—and funding. ASCO is a long-time advocate for increased federal funding of cancer research, especially at a time when the current level of funding is insufficient to bring many proposals into reality.

Providing grants and awards to ASCO members

To help keep oncology research moving forward, The ASCO Cancer Foundation® offers a diverse portfolio of grants and awards. Active ASCO members compete only with each other for the following: 

Disseminating new research
Even the best research can prove fruitless if the results are not disseminated and put into practice. Clinical scientists and translational researchers who are members of ASCO can sponsor their own abstracts for presentation at the ASCO Annual Meeting; nonmembers must find an Active or Active-Junior member to sponsor their abstracts, spending time and effort that could otherwise be devoted to research. (Restrictions apply based on membership category.)

ASCO members who want to see the latest results of their colleagues’ exciting research save 30% to 60% off the nonmember registration rate at the ASCO Annual Meeting and co-sponsored symposia, as well as discounts on related educational products such as Virtual Meeting and podcast presentations. In addition, members receive meeting materials, including the Annual Meeting Proceedings, at no charge.

Fellows and junior faculty who serve as first authors on abstracts submitted for presentation at the ASCO Annual Meeting and co-sponsored symposia are invited to apply for Merit Awards at the time of their submission. Active and Active-Junior members receive free print and online access to ASCO’s flagship research publication, the Journal of Clinical Oncology (JCO).

Opening doors and fostering collaboration
Membership in ASCO also opens the door to a vast network of investigators, fostering collaboration and idea-sharing. “One of the most rewarding aspects of ASCO and its versatile functions is the opportunity to connect, network, and collaborate with colleagues, not just regionally but nationally and internationally, and with those in other fields and other cancer interests,” said Dr. Hussain. “The Society provides a unique balance between science, practice, professional development, education, and advocacy that is really unparalleled.”

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