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ASCO Discussion and Commenting Guidelines

Welcome. The Discussion area is a meeting place for ASCO's worldwide oncology community to share oncology-related information, news, & experiences. ASCO members and guests are invited to participate; some threads may be limited to ASCO members only.

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The following guidelines apply to all interactive areas of the site:

·  Site administrators monitor content periodically for spam, offensive language, links to illegal content, and overtly hostile interactions and/or harassment.

·  Please do not post ads under the guise of comments or forum threads anywhere on the site. Such content will be removed.

·  Copyright laws apply to web content—it's better to link to content than to cut and paste large blocks of text.

·  Administrators reserve the right to edit and/or delete content.

·  Logged-in ASCO members may read and comment on all content. Logged-in guests may read and comment on all open blogs, articles, and forum categories.

·  The views expressed in the blogs and forum threads are those of the authors. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

·  Terms and Conditions apply for this site.