Participate in Palliative Care Fellows Teaching Grant

Jan 24, 2014

Jamie H. Von Roenn, MD, FASCO, ASCO Senior Director of Education, Science, and Professional Development, is leading a partnership between ASCO and Northwestern University to create a palliative care curriculum and online training resources for oncology fellows. Dr. Von Roenn and Northwestern received funding from the National Cancer Institute in 2012 to study the integration of palliative cancer care knowledge and skills training in oncology fellowship programs and to develop this curriculum.

Research shows that suffering experienced by patients with cancer and their families can often be relieved by oncologists who have adequate training in palliative medicine; however, many training programs lack the faculty or curriculum to teach this area. Even where curricula exist, there is little consensus around essential elements and skills. This project will develop and test a palliative care curriculum for oncology fellows delivered through ASCO University®, using ASCO’s Medical Oncology In-Training Exam as a measurement tool for knowledge and progress.

Fellows from all Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) medical oncology and hematology/oncology training programs are eligible to participate, and recruitment is ongoing. If your program is not yet participating in this study, please talk to your Program Director or contact for more information.

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