Dr. Geraldine Jacobson boldly states who she is and what she will do to reduce the burden of cancer, in the spirit of World Cancer Day's theme: "I am and I will."

One of my most challenging clinical experiences is trying to counsel a patient whose preferred treatment is a literal miracle. 


Wendy Schlessel Harpham, MD

Feb, 02 2019 12:52 PM

Dr. Oluwasanjo, Thank you for your eloquent essay that captures many facets of this clinical challenge and highlights how patients can blend science and faith in healing ways. It struck a nerve because I recently wrestled with this clinical dilemma as a physician-survivor in "Patients' Hope for a Miracle" (Oncology Times, 1/5/19). Now I can share an oncologist's perspective, too, when I talk about this topic. With respect and hope, Wendy

Adetokunbo Oluwasanjo, MD

Feb, 06 2019 4:23 AM

Thank you so much, Dr. Harpham for your warm and kind comment! I looked up your article and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! It just truly echoes the fact that to improve health outcomes we have to "try" to address all the many facets (like you said :)), all the complex psycho-socioeconomic and spiritual aspects of an individual's well being.  It does hit close to home because I've seen a number of close friends and relatives struggle with this too. I really just try to find a way to get the message across, the best I can, that science and medicine are not "anti-faith", and can be seen as just another dimension of it. All the while being aware that faith is personal and can be a very touchy subject.

Although there’s never a bad time to make a positive commitment in your life, something about opening the calendar to January 1 feels like the right moment to set an intention.

Dr. Pesona Grace Lucksom's career journey has been shaped by a series of battles with hormones and their impact on women's health, and this is a fight she intends to win.

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