I thought providing good care was enough. I thought treating everyone the same was enough. But I realized that I have to be aware of how race and racism affect my patients and how they experience the medical...

Sometimes cross-coverage means having hard conversations with patients who aren't ours, but who still deserve our expertise and our honesty.

At a forum on work-life balance, Dr. Julia Close was asked, "When is the best time to have children?" There's no easy answer to this question.


Carmen Julia Calfa, MD

May, 19 2018 2:49 PM

So beautifully written and so relevant! 

I agree with Julia. There is no "perfect time" to be pregnant or have children. 

Define your priorities, make a team with your partner/ spouse, invest in getting the right help, work hard and feel good about it! 

Many of the best surgeons Dr. Raj Mohan has known have been doctors with limited academic achievements, but who are excellent human beings when it comes to providing compassionate, genuine, heartfelt care.


Brenda Denzler

May, 12 2018 9:16 AM

I have just had to have a nodule on my neck evaluated by an oncologist.  I asked the scheduler to set me up with the person with the greatest people skills.  And indeed, I liked him a great, great deal.  As I later looked at his bona fides, I realized that he has only recently come to my hospital to work, having spent 5 years as a resident and then 2 more years as a fellow before his arrival here.  In terms of his academic achievements, he has two published papers to his credit.  Not much to brag about yet.  But I'd rather have someone who has spent the last 7 years of his life honing his skills as a surgeon than someone who has spent that time focused on accumulating academic notches in his belt.  I'm counting on his compassion/people skills and his technical skills...not his academic chops.  So I'm with you, Dr. Mohan.  Even for surgeons, medicine is about the people, not the disease and not the procedure. 

The Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation hosts an annual event with mothers and daughters to raise both health awareness and funds to support patients with breast cancer who need financial assistance.

This is one of the busiest and most exciting times of the year for many of us, as we are just about a month out from the ASCO Annual Meeting.

Clinical trials are the pathway to better treatments, better outcomes, and a future without cancer. We, as investigators, need to believe in them, and be willing to offer them to all patients who are eligible....

Dr. Barbara K. Rimer explains that actions recently highlighted by the President’s Cancer Panel are aligned with ASCO’s recommendation that patients be informed about the costs of care as part of the treatment...


Joel M. Schindler, PhD

Apr, 16 2018 3:11 PM

Our organization has actually conducted research with cancer patients on their perceptions of drug costs, the risk of not being compliant and the impact of oncology drug costs on their compliance.  The results are srartling with a majority claiming costs require fiancial adjustments and a third claiming signfincat financial changes needed to be made.  The toxicity is far geater than one might think.  The results are presented here:

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