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Physician Wellness and Professional Burnout

According to an ASCO-sponsored study of burnout and career satisfaction among U.S. oncologists, 44.7% of surveyed oncologists reported feeling symptoms of burnout. ASCO offers information, practical advice, and member perspectives on how to prevent and manage burnout and prioritize wellness in your work and life.

Advice for Beating Burnout and Maintaining Wellness

First, it’s important to understand what burnout is and be able to recognize the hallmark symptoms. Burnout is not your fault as an individual, and feeling burned out is not a reflection of your strength, skills, or capability

Then you can take steps to maintain your own well-being, in big ways and small ones:

Watch a video of ASCO members sharing their advice on how to avoid burnout and live a balanced life.

Personal Perspectives on Wellness and Burnout

Burnout can be isolating, and you may feel like you’re the only one struggling. But you’re in good company.

ASCO Connection bloggers share open and honest stories about their personal experiences and challenges with burnout:

Finding that elusive work-life balance becomes even more complicated when you’re a parent. Read our bloggers’ perspectives on:

Bloggers reflect on how culture affects wellness:

ASCO Connection welcomes guest posts from ASCO members on all topics related to wellness and burnout. Email ascoconnection@asco.org to learn more about how to contribute.