Participants Selected for the 2023-2024 Leadership Development Program Asia Pacific

Mar 28, 2023

ASCO is pleased to announce the leaders selected for the 2023-2024 Leadership Development Program Asia Pacific (LDP-AP). The LDP-AP is a 1-year program designed to equip leaders with the skills they need to be exemplary leaders. It is adapted from the longstanding Leadership Development Program (LDP) to fit the needs of leaders in the Asia-Pacific region and is overseen by the ASCO Asia Pacific Regional Council.

The 2023-2024 LDP-AP leaders are:

  • Tom Wei-Wu Chen, MD, PhD (Taiwan)
  • Kevin Chua, MBBS, FRCR (Singapore)
  • Jayson Co, MD (Philippines)
  • Ines Pires Da Silva, MD, PhD (Australia)
  • Young Saing Kim, MD (Korea)
  • Molly Li, MBBS, MRCP (Hong Kong)
  • Yueh Ni Lim, MMed (Malaysia)
  • Piyada Sitthideatphaiboon, MD, MS (Thailand)
  • Shinya Tane, MD (Japan)
  • Frederic Ivan Ting, MD (Philippines)
  • Shwe Sin Win, MBBS, MMedS, MRCP (Myanmar)
  • Milita Zaheed, BMed, FRACP (Australia)

“As the current chair of the regional council and past participant in the LDP, I am excited that the renowned program is now available for members in the region,” said Roselle de Guzman, MD, FASCO. “Twelve young participants and future leaders in oncology have been selected. My message to the participants is this: Have a profound respect for this wonderful opportunity. Embrace it and dedicate yourself to making the most of it. This same experience has given me a better and clearer appreciation of what true leadership must be. It is about behavior first, skills second. Leadership relies most strongly on less tangible and less measurable things: attitude, values, inspiration, personal character, and relationships. Prepare to learn powerful lessons that are truly long term and with far-reaching benefits.”

The LDP-AP aims to create a pool of oncology professionals from the region who are empowered to identify and fill leadership roles in oncology, to learn the skills for strategic planning tools and time management that will prepare them for potential future leadership roles, and to promote interdisciplinary collaboration. This group of young leaders will gain skills to better understand leadership strengths, improve communication with others, negotiate and manage conflict, lead teams, and extend their professional network.

The program will be delivered both in-person and virtually over the year with the kickoff in-person at 2023 ASCO Breakthrough in Yokohama in August. Large-group virtual sessions will be held monthly in addition to small group projects, and the program will conclude at the 2024 ASCO Breakthrough.

The ASCO LDP began in 2009 as a yearlong program designed to create a talented network of clinicians who are empowered to identify and fill leadership roles in oncology, improve understanding of health policy, and promote interdisciplinary collaboration across the various regions and within ASCO. The program expanded to include leaders from outside the U.S. in 2013.

In 2021, the program was brought to the Asia Pacific region with assistance from ASCO’s 13-member Asia Pacific Regional Council. As past chair of the Asia Pacific Regional Council Keunchil Park, MD, PhD, noted at the time, “All of the Asia Pacific Regional Council members are thrilled about this program and so proud of being part of this exciting initiative specifically for the Asia-Pacific region. We believe this will provide great momentum for Asian-Pacific leaders-to-be and represents a key milestone for the Asian-Pacific oncology community.”

ASCO will launch additional regional leadership training programs later this year.

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Piyada Sitthideatphaiboon, MD, PhD, MSc

Mar, 29 2023 1:51 AM

Thank you for this great opportunity to be a finalist in this program. 

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