ASCO, Korean Society of Medical Oncology Explore Science, Cancer Care, and Quality Improvement at 2022 KSMO Annual Conference

Oct 20, 2022

ASCO and the Korean Society of Medical Oncology (KSMO) held their fourth Joint Symposium in September 2022 at the 15th Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Medical Oncology and 2022 International Conference (KSMO 2022), with discussions on precision medicine in rare cancers and hereditary cancer. KSMO 2022, which had the theme "Exploring Science, Curing Cancer, Improving Quality-Care," was offered in-person in Seoul, South Korea, and online; 1,671 participants attended from around the world.

The first session of the ASCO/KSMO Joint Symposium, "Application of precision medicine in rare cancers: Approaching genetic landscape into rare cancers" was co-chaired by 2021-2022 ASCO president Dr. Everett E. Vokes and KSMO Board of Directors chair Dr. Joong Bae Ahn. Rare cancers still lack approved treatment and clinical trial options, remaining a huge unmet need in precision medicine. Experts from ASCO and KSMO were invited to share and discuss the advances as well as challenges of this topic. This session included:

  • "Rare cancers in the multi-omic era": Dr. Razelle Kurzrock, Medical College of Wisconsin (ASCO)
  • "Basket trial for rare cancers and tissue agnostic approach": Dr. Bhumsuk Keam, Seoul National University Hospital (KSMO)
  • "Challenges in adaptation of precision medicine to rare cancers": Dr. Andrea Necchi, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University (ASCO)

Speakers at ASCO/KSMO 2022 Joint Session.

Speakers at the ASCO/KSMO Joint Symposium. 2021-2022 ASCO president Dr. Everett E. Vokes (on-screen) served as co-chair of the joint event.

The second session was on hereditary cancers, co-chaired by 2021-2022 ASCO president Dr. Everett E. Vokes and former KSMO vice president Dr. Keon Uk Park. This session covered the screening strategies and diagnostic issues related to hereditary cancer syndrome including Lynch syndrome and Li-Fraumeni syndrome, as well as targeting homologous recombination deficiency in cancer treatment. These topics included:

  • "Management of Lynch syndrome – Personalized risk assessment, management, and immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy": Dr. Matthew Yurgelun, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (ASCO)
  • "Homologous recombination deficiency (HRD): Concepts and assays for clinical trials": Dr. Seock-Ah Im, Seoul National University Hospital (KSMO)
  • "Heritable TP53-related cancer syndrome: Diagnostic and therapeutic implications of screening": Dr. Kara N. Maxwell, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (ASCO)

The ASCO/KSMO Joint Symposium has been held annually at the KSMO International Conference since 2018. KSMO has been actively cultivating expertise in medical oncology since its foundation in 2005, and is developing into the largest nationwide cancer organization comprised of physicians and health care professionals committed to a multidisciplinary approach to optimal cancer care in South Korea. 

KSMO 2023 will be held in Seoul, South Korea from September 7-8, 2023. Information will be updated on the KSMO Conference website as KSMO 2023 approaches. Visit the ASCO Calendar of Events to learn more about upcoming oncology meetings around the world.

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