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ASCO Streamlines Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI) to Meet Members’ Needs

Nov 22, 2021

ASCO’s Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI®) began in 2002 as one of the first outpatient practice-based programs designed to foster a culture of self-examination and improvement in oncology. Developed by world-renowned practicing oncologists, nurses, health service researchers, and quality experts, QOPI now has more than 10,000 oncologists worldwide registered with the program.

Almost 20 years later, QOPI continues to help oncology practices routinely and reliably assess patient care, demonstrate quality, and gather information to improve care delivery. QOPI provides detailed reports at the practice, site, and provider level based on practices’ submitted data, including benchmarked national aggregates. Participating practices routinely use QOPI reports to develop and implement practice-centered quality improvement projects.

For Practices in the United States

Based on the ever-changing quality improvement landscape as well as feedback from program participants, in 2021, ASCO streamlined QOPI for practices in the United States. The changes to QOPI help ensure practices continue to receive relevant, meaningful data and performance evaluation while better meeting members’ needs.

All registered oncology practices in the United States have the opportunity to abstract the QOPI Certification track, a group of measures selected to evaluate practices on the various aspects of providing quality oncology care. Completing the QOPI Certification Track is the first step in becoming a QOPI-Certified practice. Practices who would like to apply for QOPI Certification must first achieve a 75% or greater performance score on this track.

For International Practices

Practices outside of the United States are also able to participate in QOPI. International QOPI practices can select from several reporting options including abstracting data for core measures, symptom toxicity and management, breast cancer, and lung cancer. All international practices are also able to participate in the QOPI Certification Track.

Currently QOPI is available in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, all countries in the European Union, India, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, and Saudi Arabi. ASCO continues to work to expand international offerings. If your country is not listed, please complete ASCO’s International Interest Survey to be added to our list of consideration for future expansion.

Please visit the Global Quality website for more information.

Grant Offerings

Other special QOPI offerings include a Susan G. Komen grant program, a Stavros Niarchos Foundation grant, a pilot program to support quality measurement in low-middle–income countries, and continued work with the Michigan Oncology Quality Consortium. Learn more at practice.asco.org.

Sign Up for QOPI Today

All oncology practices are encouraged to sign up for QOPI to assess their quality of cancer care delivery. QOPI participation is a free member benefit for oncology practices with at least one ASCO member in good standing.

The next QOPI data collection round will open in January 2022. These data collection rounds open twice per year and allow practices to abstract data from their patient charts into the secure, web-based QOPI system to report on selected quality measures.

The meaningful and relevant library of measures QOPI offers was created and adapted from clinical guidelines and established measures, such as the National Initiative on Cancer Care Quality, ASCO/National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Quality Measures, and American Society for Radiation Oncology/ASCO/American Medical Association PCPI® Oncology Measures.

To register ahead of the round opening, please visit MyQOPI and select “New Registration” at the bottom right. Practices can also contact qopi@asco.org with any questions.

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