Apply Now for ASCO’s Asia Pacific Leadership Development Program, Part of the Society’s Expanding Engagement in the Region

May 28, 2021

As part of ASCO’s commitment to oncology professionals in the Asia-Pacific region, in 2019 ASCO launched the Asia Pacific Regional Council. The council, composed of 13 members and chaired by Keunchil Park, MD, PhD, of South Korea, has been advising ASCO on the unique needs of and challenges in the region and has been involved with increasing member engagement in ASCO’s global activities.

To address an unmet need, the council is bringing the renowned ASCO Leadership Development Program (LDP) to the Asia-Pacific region. This program is designed to create a talented network of clinicians from the region who are empowered to identify and fill leadership roles in oncology, engage in advocacy efforts, and promote interdisciplinary collaboration across the region and within ASCO.

The program combines virtual and in-person training sessions to help build leadership skills in managing teams, resolving conflict, coaching, communicating effectively with others, effectively presenting information, participating in and leading advocacy efforts, and more.

“All of the Asia Pacific Regional Council members are thrilled about this program and so proud of being part of this exciting initiative specifically for the Asia-Pacific region,” said Dr. Park. “We believe this will provide great momentum for Asian-Pacific leaders-to-be and represents a key milestone for the Asian-Pacific oncology community.”

The LDP application for Asia Pacific is open until July 15, 2021. Applicants must:

  • Be physicians who practice in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Be ASCO members
  • Be proficient in English
  • Spend the majority of their time working in oncology, having completed subspeciality training between 2011 and 2016

Review the full application criteria and additional information in the request for applications packet.

The Asia Pacific LDP is the latest strategic initiative facilitated by the Asia Pacific Regional Council. Increasing Asia Pacific stakeholder engagement in ASCO is a key goal of the council. The council was instrumental in supporting ASCO Breakthrough 2019, a new meeting that brought together global leaders in oncology medicine, research, and technology to explore cutting-edge science and transformative applications of technology and new therapies. ASCO Breakthrough 2022 is scheduled to take place in Yokohama, Japan, on August 25-27.

Linking ASCO resources with cancer centers in Asia Pacific is another key goal of the Council. After an open application process that drew interest from across the region, the council selected Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) of Malaysia to be an ASCO International Cancer Corps site, working with ASCO and its volunteers to improve access to quality cancer care. Under the council’s leadership, this year ASCO launched the first ASCO Palliative Care e-Course at SGH. The ASCO Palliative Care e-Course consists of 12 sessions that provide training on various skills in palliative care including pain and symptom management, communication skills, self-care, and more.

The council also is engaged in ASCO activities on an ongoing basis. This past year, the council assisted with the free ASCO Global Webinar Series: Experiences and Lessons During the COVID-19 Pandemic and provided guidance to help increase member engagement in ASCO’s Asia Pacific training programs.

The Society invites ASCO members in the Asia-Pacific region to contact their respective country representative to learn more about ASCO programs and to suggest issues for Society consideration. The representatives are listed below, and their contact information is available through the ASCO Membership Directory.

Council Members:

  • Australia: David Goldstein, MD
  • China: Shun Lu, MD, PhD
  • Indonesia: Diah Martina, MD
  • Japan: Kiyohiko Hatake, MD, PhD
  • Malaysia: Wan Zamaniah Wan Ishak, MBBS
  • Myanmar: Soe Aung, FRCP, MBBS, MRCP
  • New Zealand: Christopher G. C. A. Jackson, FRACP
  • Philippines: Roselle B. De Guzman, MD
  • Singapore: Melvin Lee Kiang Chua, PhD, MBBS, FRCR
  • South Korea: Keunchil Park, MD, PhD
  • Thailand: Ekaphop Sirachainan, MD
  • Taiwan: Yun Yen, FACP, MD, PhD
  • Vietnam: Anh Tuan Pham, MD

For more information about the council or its initiatives, please email

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