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Research Pioneer Dr. Marc L. Citron Establishes Grants Through Conquer Cancer

Jul 29, 2020

Dr. Marc L. Citron headshot“Ask any doctor why he or she enters medicine and the answer will likely be the same,” said Marc L. Citron, MD. “People become doctors to help patients. But to deliver the moments that matter to patients, to extend their lives and give quality to their days, doctors rely on new research.”

In 2003, Dr. Citron led a National Cancer Institute (NCI) study that delivered a groundbreaking change to breast cancer care. As principal investigator for Protocol C9741, he helped develop dose-dense chemotherapy, a treatment using postoperative chemotherapy in a shorter, more intense schedule. Dose-dense chemotherapy is now one of the leading pre- and postoperative treatments for breast cancer because of its superior efficacy and reduced toxicity.

“The decisions I make every day are informed by decades of research—my own and that of my valued peers,” said Dr. Citron, who serves double duty at ProHealth Care Associates in New Hyde Park, NY, as chief of breast cancer and chair emeritus of the Department of Oncological Services.

Leading the Next Generation

Specializing in breast cancer, Dr. Citron conducted translational laboratory research in DNA repair and clinical investigation, while also managing a busy practice and teaching. A dedicated educator, he was twice given the Excellence in Teaching Award by medical residents at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. His career spans more than 40 years.

Through Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation, the Hofstra University professor is ensuring the next generation of researchers will have the same opportunity to pursue innovative and practice-changing research with the creation of the Marc L. Citron, MD Career Development Award in Breast Cancer and the Marc L. Citron, MD Young Investigator Award in Breast Cancer.

“I am proud to work with Conquer Cancer and ASCO to support new investigators and the fresh ideas they are ready to explore and share,” said Dr. Citron.

A Young Investigator Award (YIA) funds 1 year of clinical research for early-career physicians transitioning from a fellowship program to a faculty appointment. A Career Development Award (CDA) funds 3 years of patient-focused clinical research for doctors appointed to a faculty position working to establish independent clinical research programs. The Citron awards will be granted to researchers with a breast cancer focus. The inaugural Citron awards, one CDA grant and two YIA grants, will be given in 2021.

Research Is Everyone’s Reward

“It’s an incredible endorsement to have a research pioneer like Dr. Marc Citron lend his name to our Grants & Awards program,” said Nancy R. Daly, MS, MPH, chief executive officer of Conquer Cancer. “We are grateful for his support and honored to provide researchers following in Dr. Citron’s footsteps the chance to explore breakthroughs in breast cancer treatment.”

“I am hopeful this funding will improve breast cancer treatments and, most importantly, make a difference in the lives of patients,” said Dr. Citron. “Research is everyone’s reward.”

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