ASCO Offers Cancer Basics Course for People With Cancer, Survivors, and the Public

Oct 08, 2019

On November 12, 2019, ASCO will offer its first course for people with cancer, survivors, and the public. Hosted at ASCO headquarters in Alexandria, VA, the 1-day course is open to people in active treatment for cancer, cancer survivors, caregivers, and the general public. The course will focus on the fundamentals of cancer (solid tumors), how it develops, and how it is diagnosed, staged, and treated.

"Cancer Basics for People With Cancer, Survivors, and the Public" is an interactive educational program offered by ASCO as a service to the general public to build cancer knowledge and understanding, as well as to foster communities. The curriculum was developed by ASCO and select clinicians from among ASCO’s nearly 45,000 members who are recognized as leaders or experts, with the goal of helping deepen participants’ understanding of cancer by providing an overview of cancer biology, diagnosis, staging, and treatment, and reinforcing concepts with real-world examples and discussion. Interactive breakout groups will work through cases in lung, breast, prostate, and colon cancers. Content is created from up-to-date science, evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, and consensus statements.

Registration for the course is $25 per attendee, which includes parking (other expenses related to transportation will not be covered). The course is limited to 60 attendees.

The course is being jointly coordinated by ASCO Advantage and Cancer.Net. ASCO Advantage Corporate and Public Education offerings is a disease-state content, interactive, educational program offered by ASCO to corporate groups and other audiences. ASCO Advantage advances clinical cancer knowledge and builds confidence for clinical conversations with oncology treatment teams. Cancer.Net, ASCO's patient information website, provides trusted, compassionate information for people with cancer and their families and caregivers.

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