Who I Am on World Cancer Day

Who I Am on World Cancer Day

International Perspectives

Feb 01, 2019

Dr. Geraldine JacobsonBy Geraldine Jacobson, MD, MPH, MBA

I am a doctor who treats patients with cancer. I will listen to my patients, hear their stories, and work daily to provide timely, compassionate, evidence-based cancer care. I will endeavor to cure their cancer, alleviate their symptoms, and minimize the side effects of treatment. I will remember that my patients have a family and a life that is impacted by cancer, and be mindful of the time and cost of the treatments I recommend.

I am a radiation oncologist at a university hospital. I will help to improve cancer treatments for future patients by supporting and promoting clinical trials. I will collaborate with my colleagues to provide multidisciplinary, patient-focused care. I will participate in national and international professional societies to share medical information and improve treatments for patients with cancer globally.

I am a member of my community and a citizen of my state and country. My state has a high incidence of cancer and many communities with limited access to medical care. I will work to improve access to cancer care, to promote screening for curable cancers, and educate our citizens on healthy behaviors. I will advocate in our state and national governments to support a healthy environment and provide access to care for all patients with cancer.

I am a woman at risk for breast and gynecologic cancer as well as cancers that affect all genders. I will model as well as advocate for healthy behaviors and cancer prevention. I will follow recommended screening guidelines for cancer detection. I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, and a sister. I will encourage my family members to follow a healthy lifestyle and follow screening guidelines. 

I am a person living in a world with multiple risks for cancer. In addition to heredity and personal behavior, environmental degradation, access to healthy affordable food, armed conflicts, and unequal access to health care impact the risk of cancer and the treatment outcome. I will advocate for policies that promote peace, support a healthy environment for all, and promote effective cancer treatments and international access to health care.

Dr. Jacobson is a member of ASCO’s International Affairs Committee, a radiation oncologist, and professor and chair of the West Virginia University Department of Radiation Oncology.


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