Oncology Training Resources Available Worldwide

Jan 12, 2018

ASCO supports medical oncology training programs, training program directors, and trainees around the world through a variety of programs, many of which are available at no cost.

If you are interested in these opportunities, please email ASCO’s Professional Development staff at training@asco.org so that we can provide more information and include your training program in our global network. This will also enable us to keep you informed of other opportunities as they are made available.

  • Free Trainee Membership: Membership in ASCO is free for trainees, so please encourage your trainees to join
  • Program Directors’ Monthly: This monthly newsletter keeps you informed of new ASCO programs and resources for program directors. 
  • Quarterly Connections: 1-hour video conference calls that occur once a quarter and provide a time for program directors to share best practices, discuss hot topics, and offer an open forum for questions.
  • Program Directors’ Online Community Platform: Online community platform that provides members with the opportunity to connect, collaborate, participate in discussions, share resources with peers, and build meaningful connections.
  • ASCO-ESMO Global Curriculum (GC): A set of recommendations developed by ASCO and ESMO for the training of medical oncologists. The GC has been adopted by countries around the world as a benchmark for the training of medical oncologists.

Additionally, two of our most popular resources are the ASCO Medical Oncology In-Training Exam and the ASCO University Educational Essentials for Oncology Fellows.

Contact ASCO’s Professional Development Staff at training@asco.org to learn more about any of these resources or ask questions.

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