ASCO University Essentials Offers Full Access to ASCO’s eLearning Catalog

Feb 23, 2016

The eLearning courses offered through ASCO University® are one of the best ways to remain abreast of the latest advances in oncology.

From immuno-oncology to tumor genomics, ASCO University provides a multitude of interactive courses that allow physicians and advanced practice practitioners to build their medical knowledge. Yet, until now, there has not been a way to access the entire catalog of eLearning courses without having to pay for each individually.

Now, with ASCO University Essentials, that model has changed.

The ASCO University Essentials package is a 1-year subscription to all eLearning courses offered through ASCO University, including popular content such as:

  • Immuno-Oncology Program
  • Tumor Genomics Program
  • Cancer Genetics Program
  • Monthly Tumor Board Series
  • Monthly Molecular Oncology Tumor Board Series
  • Maintenance of Certification (MOC) courses
  • Personalized Learning Dashboard

A subscription to ASCO University Essentials represents excellent value for medical professionals who purchase multiple courses per year.

With the 20% ASCO member discount, a year-long subscription to ASCO University Essentials is available for $347. Non-members pay $434 for the subscription, or less than the cost of the Cancer Genetics and Immuno-Oncology Programs purchased alone.

Customize your experience with the Personalized Learning Dashboard

The Personalized Learning Dashboard allows you to customize your learning by identifying the subject areas most beneficial for you based on an assessment of your oncology knowledge. Upon entering the personalized dashboard, learners are directed to a 90-question pre-test designed to help them prepare for board exams and identify areas that need more in-depth study. Users may receive Maintenance of Certification and Continuing Medical Education credit for taking the pre-test.

The pre-test measures understanding of the material by asking the learner to both identify the correct answer and to rate how confident they are in their response. Afterwards, the personalized dashboard displays two scores—a traditional score displaying the percentage of questions answered correctly and an adjusted score factoring in how confident the learner was in their answers.

If the learner did not know or guessed with their response, the answer is marked as incorrect in the adjusted score. This approach helps the learner realize where their true learning gaps are, by factoring in correctly guessed questions, so that they know where to focus their course of study.

The Personalized Learning Dashboard is, as the name suggests, customized for each learner. Pre-test scores are broken down by tumor type in order to identify which areas of learning might require more attention. Learners are also asked how they learn best, whether through eLearning courses, journal articles, or Virtual Meeting presentations. Based on these preferences and responses to the pre-test, a list of recommended resources is automatically suggested by ASCO University to help close learning gaps.

After completing the learning recommendations, users can go back to the pre-test and attempt to improve their score.

The Personalized Learning Dashboard is only available with an ASCO University Essentials subscription. The subscription does not include Virtual Meeting content available through ASCO University or access to meeting slides.

Try out ASCO University Essentials and the Personalized Learning Dashboard with a free 2-week trial period; sign up at For more information, email university@

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