Get Out the Vote!

Get Out the Vote!

George W. Sledge, MD, FASCO

Oct 14, 2010

ASCO as a volunteer-based Society relies on its members for many things, not the least of which is our collective view of who should lead the organization. We elect our President, our Treasurer, and our Board of Directors. We even—and this separates us from many of our sister societies—elect a Nominating Committee. As an organization we are committed to the principle, first enunciated by my favorite ancient statesman, Pericles of Athens, that while all may not lead, all may judge.

Well, ASCO citizens, it is now time for you to judge: it is our annual election season, starting today and lasting until November 23rd. I ask you to take some time in this exercise: to read the biographies of our proposed slate of officers, to see whether their views represent your views, and to exercise your franchise. We depend on our elected representatives to guide the future of our Society, and believe the work they commit to is important for our profession and our patients. We therefore rely on your wisdom in selecting them: choose wisely.

The proposed slate of officers is a superb one. Having participated in the nominating committee, I can tell you that an important part of our deliberations involved an appreciation of the service potential nominees had given to their Society. Since volunteer services are, well, voluntary and unrecompensed, those with long hours of committee service have already proven their willingness to invest “sweat equity” into our Society. The Board of Directors in particular requires long hours away from work and family, and can detract significantly from one’s free time. This slate of proposed officers has shown its concern for our collective future already.

They are also, because I know many of them personally and others by reputation, an exceptionally talented and productive group in their non-ASCO lives, and a group with great personal integrity. They will, I know, do well by you. In contrast to other elections I’ve heard about this year, I am unaware of any candidates who have a) dabbled in witchcraft; b) falsely claimed to have served overseas; or c) committed a felony.

So please go online to and vote: the polls are open. To vote you need your member number (If you do not know your member number, e-mail: or call +1-888-282-2552) and an E-signature election passcode (BK477M). And please encourage your colleagues to vote as well. I want our Society to represent you, but to do so we need a vote that is representative of our Society. Get out the vote!


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