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Call for Special Awards Nominations

Sep 17, 2010

September 2010: ASCO’s Special Awards Selection Committee requests your nomination for the 2011 Special Awards. The awards are:

  • American Cancer Society Award and Lecture
  • B. J. Kennedy Award and Lecture for Scientific Excellence in Geriatric Oncology
  • David A. Karnofsky Memorial Award and Lecture
  • Distinguished Achievement Award
  • Gianni Bonadonna Breast Cancer Award (given during the Breast Cancer Symposium)
  • Partners In Progress Award
  • Pediatric Oncology Award and Lecture
  • Public Service Award
  • Science of Oncology Award and Lecture
  • Special Recognition Award

To help identify worthy individuals for these awards, members are encouraged to put forward names of persons they believe qualify for a particular award.

If you are a current member of an ASCO committee, task force, editorial board, panel, or working group, you are eligible to nominate. Please log in to the Extranet in order to submit your nominations. ASCO members who are not currently volunteering on one of the above named groups may send their suggestions to an eligible nominator by logging in and completing a brief form.

The nomination period ends October 31, 2010. You may nominate up to five individuals for each award.

Thank you for your suggestions.  If you need assistance, please contact Roseanna Thoman, Assistant Director, Executive Offices at ASCO (571-483-1307 or roseanna.thoman@asco.org).

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