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Online Tool for Planning Melanoma Treatment Available

Jun 22, 2011

In April, ASCO partnered with CollabRxto launch an innovative web-baseddecision-support tool aimed at helpingphysicians and patients learn moreabout possible diagnostic tests, treatments,and clinical trials for particularmolecular subtypes of melanoma.

The application is free and easy to use.Visit asco.org/therapyfinder to accessthe application. From there, enter thetumor’s cancer stage, primary origin,metastatic sites, and any mutations.

Upon entering this information, theapplication will either suggest relevantdiagnostic tests or attempt to categorizethe diagnosis into a geneticsubtype. These subtypes are based onthe molecular disease model, a wiki-basedreview article that is continuallyupdated by melanoma experts.

The asco.org/therapyfinder site alsofeatures an introductory video andstep-by-step instructions.

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