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New ASCO in Action Website Offers More Policy News for Members: A Message from ASCO CEO Allen S. Lichter, MD

Sep 06, 2011

Dear ASCO Members,

I’m pleased to announce that ASCO has just launched a dynamic new resource for policy news and information related to oncology practice: the new ASCO in Action microsite ascoaction.asco.org.

Last year, ASCO conducted a member survey and the Board was discouraged to learn that the majority of our members were unaware of the myriad of things that ASCO does to represent the interests of oncologists at the national level. In response to this concern, ASCO has been working to improve its member outreach and communication on these critical issues.

The new ASCO in Action site is part of this effort to better serve our members informational needs. ASCO in Action offers policy insight, news, and information relevant to ASCO members and other oncology professionals. It’s a one-stop source for the latest developments on issues of critical importance to cancer care including legislative and regulatory issues that affect both access to care and quality of care. The site features the latest information on Medicare issues, reimbursement, federal research funding, clinical trials, drug shortages, administrative burdens, cost of care, disparities, advanced cancer care planning, and a host of other important issues, as well as ASCO’s specific efforts to address these issues. The site also makes ASCO’s policy positions and public comments on regulatory issues transparent and readily available to all members.

When it comes to effective advocacy to improve cancer care, the insight and voices of our members are what matter the most. The new ASCO in Action website is designed to help members become as informed and engaged as they wish to become. A new polling feature will give members the opportunity to weigh in directly on issues of importance to ASCO and its membership. In addition, the quick link to The ACT Network, makes it easier to get involved.

ASCO in Action will enable ASCO to better serve our members so we can better work together to shape policy that promotes stable practice environments, robust cancer research, and patient access to the best quality of care (NICE!). I encourage you to visit ASCO in Action at ascoaction.asco.org and sign up for ASCO in Action’s RSS feed to stay abreast of current issues and policy news.

—Allen S. Lichter, MD

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