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eLearning Now Easier than Ever with Revamped ASCO University® Website and Bookstore

Jun 19, 2012

ASCO University® and the ASCO University Bookstore both have a fresh look. The new ASCO University Bookstore improves user experience and Bookstore functionality while the redesigned ASCO University website provides a robust search functionality and prominent display of new and featured courses.

Enhanced Bookstore

Unveiled this May, the new ASCO University Bookstore allow members to quickly and easily browse the 200+ print and online products, including offerings from Cancer.Net, ASCO-SEP, and more.

Now, instead of having to sift through a long list of products that were reviewed by ASCO but weren’t categorized by topic or cancer type, visitors can enjoy a streamlined environment powered by Amazon.com technology. Users can search for content organized by newest to oldest, most popular, disease type, and professional interest, just to name a few.

And paying is now simpler. The new, enhanced checkout system allows visitors to purchase resources using their existing Amazon.com login and password.

What hasn’t changed is the vast array of products available: books that touch on cancer and practice management, as well as clinical and professional development publications. Also available at the new Bookstore is the wide variety of eLearning content available via ASCO University. Members can also order and download Virtual Meeting, which records live sessions from the ASCO Annual Meeting and cosponsored thematic meetings.

store2.asco.org and take advantage the educational materials that ASCO has to offer.

Website Redesign

In light of the new Bookstore, ASCO University—the Society’s eLearning center—was in need of a refreshed look as well. More specifically, as course development has expanded to address a comprehensive oncology curriculum, the need for more robust search functionality and prominent display of new and featured content became paramount.

The newly redesigned ASCO University website still provides oncology care professionals access to the same stellar eLearning courses, but does so in a more easily searchable manner.

“I love the new design and dynamic search functionality of the ASCO University site,” said Robert Miller, MD, Chair of ASCO’s Integrated Media and Technology Committee. “With the user-friendly design, I’m now better able to find what I’m looking for and stay up to date with the latest course offerings. ASCO University has become an important part of my professional education portfolio,” he added.

To initiate your personal eLearning portfolio, visit

ASCO University on iTunesU—Members-Only Content Now Available

The private, members-only side of ASCO University on iTunes U—a mobile learning format designed to provide educational activities to those preferring a format outside of the typical online experience—is now up and running.

This site is different than the public iTunes U page in that it has more vodcasts from various courses on ASCO University, including Tumor Board and Literature Review series. Related feeds from the
Journal of Clinical Oncology (JCO) and Journal of Oncology Practice (JOP) as well as Educational Book podcasts are also included.

For more information, visit university.asco.org and select “e-Learning,” then “
Mobile Learning.”
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