Latest ASCO-SEP Edition Features All-New Self-Assessment Questions, Digital Offerings

Dec 10, 2012

The newest edition of ASCO-SEP®, has been released this month, featuring all-new self-assessment questions, an Online Question Bank complete with bonus questions, an eBook component, and a flashcard app (ASCO Flashcards). ASCO-SEP, 3rd edition, is a comprehensive resource designed to help physicians assess their level of knowledge in various areas of oncology and to provide a current understanding of cancer, its treatment, and the supportive care needed to optimize quality of life for people with cancer. It contains 22 chapters that provide the most current information on all major cancer types, cancer prevention and epidemiology, the molecular biology of cancer, palliative care, symptom management, and geriatric care, as well as overviews of clinical pharmacology and biologic therapies.

“Many physicians use ASCO-SEP for Maintenance of Certification, but it still serves as a valuable reference in the office or clinic even if the physician is not preparing for his/her oncology board exam,” said Robert S. Miller, MD, Chair of the Integrated Media and Technology Committee, in an interview with Gastrointestinal Cancers Daily News. “The Online Question Bank is an enjoyable way to test your knowledge about basic pathophysiology and disease management.”

Electronic offerings
In addition to the approximately 170 all-new multiple-choice self-assessment questions featured in the print edition, the web-based Online Question Bank features 100 bonus questions to provide additional educational opportunities. All questions feature practical scenarios, predominantly in a casebased format, and provide detailed rationales and related references for suggested reading. The Online Question Bank allows users to track passing scores, with the ability to retake questions as necessary, and submit directly for CME credit.

ASCO Flashcards provides users with vital educational key points broken down by chapter in easy-to-digest flashcard formats. Flashcards can be separated into categories based on the user’s knowledge level. In addition, the app will track the user’s score, documenting improvement as the user becomes more familiar with the material. The app is available for Apple and Android devices, and a web-based version also is available.

“Physician learning styles have evolved, and few rely solely on print material,” Dr. Miller said. “With the launch of the eBook and flashcard app, we expect this will increase the flexibility of the learning program and make this an even more attractive educational product.”

The Online Question Bank and ASCO Flashcards can be purchased separately from the print edition, or in a bundle package for a discounted price. With purchase of ASCO-SEP, you will receive free access to the eBook version.


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