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ASCO CEO Dr. Allen Lichter Announces International Milestones for the Society

Feb 04, 2013

Among ASCO’s earliest members in the 1960s were physicians from Japan, Canada, and Spain. In the Global Express e-newsletter of February 4, 2013, ASCO is announcing two major developments that are indicative of how far ASCO has come, nearly 40 years later: ASCO’s 10,000th international member and the launch of ASCO International.

Last month, ASCO reached the milestone of more than 10,000members outside the United States, and we would like to highlight five of our newest international members who represent the rich diversity of our global community. The five include Dr. Rossitza Ruseva of Bulgaria; Dr. Michael Ayedima Misauno of Nigeria; Dr. Jinsoo Chung of South Korea; Dr. Luiz Eduardo Atalecio of Brazil; and Dr. Fawzi Abuhijla of Jordan. Look for more about these five new ASCO colleagues and this milestone in future ASCO communications.

The increasingly global composition of our Society brings with it a responsibility to lend ASCO’s capabilities and those of its membership to the global fight against cancer. ASCO International represents ASCO’s concern about the growing cancer burden, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, and our long-term commitment to help improve cancer control around the world by harnessing the knowledge and expertise that ASCO has to offer. More details about ASCO International are provided below, on our website (asco.org/international), and in forthcoming ASCO member communications in the months and years to come.

Thank you for being a member of ASCO.

 ASCO CEO Allen Lichter, MD

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