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Spotlight on Education: ASCO University

Jun 22, 2011

ASCO-SEP® Online Companion Series: Personalize Your Learning Experience

As a companion product to the ASCOSelf Evaluation Program (ASCO-SEP®),ASCO University® is offering a numberof self-assessment modules that allowparticipants to review specific topicsand identify learning gaps in preparationfor the Maintenance of Certificationexam or as a refresher course ontest taking. The modules in this seriesare designed to provide an interactiveformat for staying current; in particular,they serve as a preparatory tool forfellows who are planning to take theBoard Certification and for clinicianswho are preparing for re-certificationor who want to update their knowledgebase. The series is also a relevantlearning opportunity for nurse practitioners,physician assistants, or otheroncology professionals who are lookingfor a focused review of a specific topic.

The current series includes a comprehensiveQuestion Bank and severalreview modules on topics includingbiostatistics, palliative care, clinicalpharmacology, leukemia/myelodysplasticsyndromes, gynecologiccancers, molecular oncology, andgastrointestinal cancers (upper GImalignancies). The Question Bankincludes 165 multiple-choice questionsfrom the ASCO-SEP, 2nd Edition print publication, as well as 90 bonusquestions to increase the user’s self-assessmentopportunities.

Written by expert faculty, the reviewmodules contain approximately 25-30questions, complete with referencelinks and detailed answer rationales.These topic-specific self-assessmentsallow the user to personalize theirlearning experience by answering thequestions and completing the test attheir own pace. The questions providea valuable educational resource asthey address scenarios not often seenin clinical practice.

“The ASCO University SEP review moduleshave helped me to stay up to dateon the recent advances in oncology,”said Ann H. Partridge, MD, ClinicalDirector of the Oncology Breast Programat Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.“Oncologists and trainees completingthese modules should feel confident not only in their Board preparation,but that they are prepared to care fora broad array of patients with cancerand related problems.”

To purchase the online Question Bankor any of the self-assessment modules,please visit university.asco.org/assessments.

ASCO University OfferseLearning Activity on Survivorship

A new module focusing on the many issues of survivorship for adolescentsand young adults (AYAs) is available on ASCO University. AYAs, encompassingthe age range of 15-39, have been under-investigated. In addition, these patientsare particularly vulnerable both medically and psychosocially. This moduleexplores some of the unique issues and concerns through a case-based discussionled by recognized faculty experts. To gain insight into the life-altering andlife-threatening issues that face this growing population of patients, please visituniversity.asco.org/focusunder40. The Focus Under Forty™ series has beencreated in partnership with LIVESTRONG.

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