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Post-treatment Resources for Survivors

Jun 23, 2011

Manypatients may wonder whathappens after cancer treatment iscomplete. To help with this transition,Cancer.Net provides a section called“Survivors: Next Steps to Take” atcancer.net/nextsteps.

In addition, survivors can accessthe following resources at cancer.net/survivors:
  • Printable ASCO CancerTreatmentSummaries and Survivorship CarePlans, in which survivors and theirdoctors can record and track treatmentand plan for follow-up care
  • Specialized information forsurvivorsof childhood cancer
  • Descriptions of possiblelate effectsand how to manage them
  • Information about the cancerrehabilitation process
  • Articles and podcastsexplainingadvocacy and the role of patientadvocates
  • Stories from survivors
  • Artwork from survivorsfeaturedin ASCO’s Expressions of HopeCalendar
Cancer.Net En Español providesinformation in Spanishon understanding survivorship, thelate effects of adult and childhood cancers,making positive lifestyle changesafter cancer, and rehabilitation.

ASCOMembers AddressSurvivorship in Patient-orientedVideos
Videos provide an alternate format forsurvivors to learn more about issuesthat may arise after treatment. In thesection “After Treatment and Survivorship”at cancer.net/videos, survivorscan watch the following videos, featuringcommentary by ASCO members:
  • Cancer Survivorship: AnOverview,with Robert Miller, MD
  • Late Effects of ChildhoodCancerTreatment, with Lisa Diller, MD
  • Childhood CancerSurvivorship, withGregory Reaman, MD
  • ASCO Cancer TreatmentSummaries,with Julie Gralow, MD
  • Finishing Treatment: WhatComesNext, with Lidia Schapira, MD
GivingPatients a Way to ShareTheir Stories
In a special Cancer.Net article and podcast,Evan J. Lipson, MD, talks aboutthe website he launched, SeizetheDays.org,which offers people with cancerand their families an opportunity torecord and preserve audio interviewsas a way to share their personal storieswith others.

Your patients can read this article or listen to the related podcast atcancer.net/podcasts.

ASCOAnnual Meeting Research Roundup Podcasts
Direct your patients to cancer.net/podcasts where they can listen toASCOexperts discuss the headline-making research presented at the 2011 ASCOAnnual Meeting.

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