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JCO Debuts New Section, Launches Rapid Review Program

Sep 07, 2011

In order to more effectivelypresent the biologic implications of translational research published in JCO, a new section has been created, titled “Understanding the Pathway” (UTP). UTP articles accompany select original reports to explain the underlying pathway or biologic process illustrated by the study. JCO expects that UTP articles will enable busy clinicians as well as basic scientists to more effectively place the findings of clinical reports into biologic context.

JCO also recently launched a Rapid Review program for original reports that have significant potential to become practice-changing or have time-dependent research implications. Appropriate papers receive an initial decision 72 hours after being assigned to an editor, along with reviewer comments that may need to be satisfactorily addressed in subsequent revision.

If selected for publication, manuscripts are fast tracked and appear online four to six weeks after acceptance. Upon publication, these articles become available immediately on an open-access basis, accessible to all interested readers without cost. JCO expects that the program will further enhance its clinical utility to the readership and provide more clinicians with the most timely and relevant research available.

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