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Discover ASCO’s Physician- and Patient-oriented Videos on Clinical Trials

May 16, 2011

Clinical trials are the key to building a high-value cancer care system, yet clinical trials remain unavailable to most patients with cancer. In ASCO’s physician-oriented video series on conducting clinical trials, experienced physician-investigators talk about their experiences and provide practical advice that can be applied in any clinical research setting.

In a second video series, geared toward people with cancer and their families, ASCO Cancer Research Committee volunteers discuss the basics of clinical trials, such as the types of trials, patient safety, and decision-making.

Visit asco.org/ClinicalTrialResources and click on the “Clinical Trial Videos Library” icon to view the physician-oriented series. Direct your patients to cancer.net/videos and select "Treatments, Tests, and Procedures" for the patient-oriented series.

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