Take Advantage of ASCO Research Community Forum’s Many Resources in 2019

Mar 07, 2019

The ASCO Research Community Forum (RCF) serves as a go-to resource for all members of the oncology research community, including physician investigators, research staff, and those involved in community- and academic-based research programs.

Through its many resources and the RCF Annual Meeting, the ASCO RCF provides a forum for researchers to share best practices, identify challenges to conducting clinical research, and brainstorm effective strategies and solutions. In addition, throughout the year, the RCF Steering Group develops and disseminates solutions to address barriers to conducting clinical research and facilitate clinical trial participation and accrual.

ASCO RCF Leadership

The RCF is led by a Steering Group made up of stakeholders from the research community, including physician investigators, research administrators, research nurses, clinical research coordinators, and a patient advocate. Forum leaders come from a range of research settings, primarily community-based research programs and academic research networks that have affiliated community-based research sites. This year, the Steering Group is led by David Waterhouse, MD, MPH, of Oncology Hematology Care, Inc., who will provide valuable experience in identifying challenges and developing resources to help conduct and manage clinical trials.

Forum Projects and Tools

Members of the research community can access resources developed by the RCF year-round to address challenges they may be facing in conducting and managing clinical trials, including the ASCO Toolkit of Resources on the Business of Clinical Trials, ASCO Insurance Coverage of Clinical Trials Tool, ASCO Research Program Quality Assessment Tool, ASCO Clinical Trial Workload Assessment Tool, Research Contract Negotiation Resources, a Clinical Trial Resource Library and Topic Summaries, and an online forum to connect the research community.

Each year, the ASCO RCF Steering Group selects topic areas and specific solution-oriented projects to help overcome challenges related to conducting clinical research. Task forces are convened to advance these projects. The outcomes are presented for feedback at the RCF Annual Meeting and are made available to the research community through various ASCO products.

The ASCO RCF also hosts free webinars as an additional way for members of the research community to join forces to improve practice. Participants of webinars can gain valuable, actionable resources to implement in their own research programs.

The RCF website includes these resources and many more to facilitate the conduct and management of clinical trials, as well as information on the RCF’s latest materials, webinars, and its Annual Meeting.

ASCO RCF Annual Meeting

Each year, the ASCO RCF Annual Meeting, held annually at ASCO’s headquarters in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, brings together physician investigators and research staff from across the country for 2 days of learning and collaboration. Last year’s meeting, based on the theme “Innovative Solutions. Best Practices. Excellence in Cancer Research.” was the largest meeting to date, with over 150 participants from 34 states.

Each day of the meeting, participants hear from presenters and panelists representing a variety of stakeholders involved in clinical trials in workshops and general sessions. In addition to hearing from peers and leaders in the field, meeting attendees have an opportunity to connect with colleagues from across the country during a networking event and small group discussions.

Be sure to save the date for the ASCO Research Community Forum 2019 Annual Meeting, taking place September 22-23, 2019. Registration opens May 1, 2019; register early as spots are limited!

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