New JGO Article Offers In-Depth Look at ASCO’s Resource-Stratified Guideline Development

Aug 20, 2018

A new article published in the Journal of Global Oncology (JGO) highlights the development of ASCO’s Resource-Stratified Guidelines. The commentary provides readers with an in-depth description of the guidelines, including insights into the methods of their creation and the goals for implementation and use.

ASCO develops and publishes Resource-Stratified Guidelines for medical professionals and institutions in low- and middle-income countries (LMCs) and other resource-constrained settings. These recommendations provide expertise and guidance to those who lack access to strong infrastructure, a wide array of resources, and comprehensive training.

ASCO’s Resource-Stratified Guidelines are a set of evidence- and formal consensus-based recommendations, which can be implemented in diverse health systems with varying levels of limited resources. Thus, these guidelines are global in nature and can be used in conjunction with local guidelines to aid professionals and institutions in the process of using resources effectively to combat the rising cost of cancer care worldwide.  

ASCO’s goals in creation of these guidelines are to “establish consistent guidance for a minimum primary base of cancer prevention and care [and] promote greater resource utilization and implementation, while realistically accounting for differences in resource levels and health-care and public health systems around the world.” To make this vision a reality, ASCO utilizes multidisciplinary sets of expert panels and its trusted methodologies, from a systematic review of evidence to the use of formal consensus, to create these guidelines. Important topics addressed thus far are primary prevention, secondary prevention/screening, work-up and treatment of cervical cancer; palliative care; and colorectal care.

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