Explore 2017 ASCO Annual Report in All-New Layout

Mar 08, 2018

Enjoy an interactive view of some of ASCO’s many accomplishments from the past year as part of the 2017 ASCO Annual Report.

Learn about the Society’s ongoing programs and new initiatives from 2017 including:

  • the creation of CENTRA, ASCO's hub for research, data, and analysis 
  • the debut of new meetings and new journals 
  • the expansion of CancerLinQ, ASCO's big-data initiative 
  • the results and analysis of the National Cancer Opinion Survey, ASCO's first public survey about cancer knowledge 
  • the success of ASCO’s Conquer Cancer Foundation, which surpassed its $150 million fundraising goal 

ASCO encourages all members to visit the interactive digital 2017 ASCO Annual Report. The report’s all-new format brings each highlight into focus with video clips, infographics, photo slideshows, and links to more information. 

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