ASCO Recognizes World Cancer Research Day

Sep 19, 2017

ASCO and several leading cancer organizations from around the world have joined together in a global campaign to raise awareness of the importance of cancer research, designating September 24, 2017, as World Cancer Research Day. This initiative aims to recognize the scientific advances and progress that stems from cancer research, thanks to the extraordinary contributions of cancer researchers and patients worldwide.

Hear from your colleagues below on why cancer research is important to them and join the conversation on social media by sharing how cancer research has impacted your life with the hashtag #WorldCancerResearchDay and by commenting below.

Message from Carlos Sampaio, MD

Fighting cancer may seem like an endless journey. In the past few years, however, the path to effective and innovative solutions for specific types of cancer has been made available by the scientific community through well-conducted research strategies. Well planned, executed, and implemented research efforts are the core structure of all aspects related to cancer treatment.

It is gratifying to experience unprecedented outcomes, dramatically changing the lives of patients who not too long ago had dismal chances of survival. Recent advances in the treatment of HER2-positive breast cancer, melanoma, and lung cancers are a few examples of the positive impact of cancer research.

Another important aspect of research is providing "state of the art" treatment to patients in restricted access regions of the world. In Brazil, where 75% of the patients rely on the public health system, research has contributed to reducing the gap between outdated treatment options and current standard regimens.

A strong commitment to clinical cancer research is invaluable if we intend to win the battle against all cancers.

Dr. Sampaio is a member of the ASCO International Affairs Committee, and a clinical research at Clinica AMO in Salvador, Brazil.  

Message from Hugo V. Villar, MD, FACS

Cancer research is vital in oncology. Today’s research is the therapy of tomorrow. Just think of the contributions of the Genome project to cancer treatment – this is only the beginning of our understanding of the biology of the cancer cell.  Another vital area in cancer therapy is the validation of our treatment with prospective, randomized trials to be sure our treatments are effective. Finally, it is also critical to lowering the cost of cancer therapies, as they are often out of reach for the majority of our patients.

Dr. Villar is a member of the ASCO International Affairs Committee, and Professor of Surgery and Division Chief, Surgical Oncology at the University of Arizona.  

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