ASCO Annual Meeting News of the Day: Friday, June 1

Jun 01, 2018

The 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting, taking place June 1-5 in Chicago, brings together more than 32,000 oncology professionals from around the world to present and discuss the latest research in cancer treatment and patient care.

The theme of this year’s meeting is “Delivering Discoveries: Expanding the Reach of Precision Medicine.” Precision medicine has led to many advances in cancer care, but there is still much to learn in this growing field of research. While much of the research at this year’s meeting will focus on precision medicine, there is also an ongoing effort to increase access to these treatments for all patients.

New cancer research released today explores racial and gender differences in cancer treatment and outcomes, patient-doctor communication, and the cost of colorectal cancer treatment.

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Treatment for Colorectal Cancer in Washington State Costs Twice as Much as in Neighboring Area of Canada, Despite No Difference in Survival (Abstract LBA3579)
An analysis of health claims data from two demographically similar regions on either side of the U.S. and Canada border shows that a common treatment for advanced colorectal cancer costs twice as much in Western Washington State than in British Columbia -- $12,345 vs. $6,195 monthly per patient. Learn more.

Black Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer Treated With Chemotherapy May Have Equal or Better Survival Than White Men (Abstract LBA5005)
An analysis of pooled data from nine randomized phase III trials of more than 8,000 men with advanced prostate cancer who received chemotherapy shows chances of survival are as good for black men as white men. Learn more.

Abiraterone May Be More Effective in Black Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer Than in White Men (Abstract LBA5009)
In a prospective clinical trial of 100 men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, the response to the hormone treatment abiraterone (Zytiga®) was greater and longer lasting in black men than in white men. Learn more.

Study Finds Gender Disparities in Head and Neck Cancer Treatment and Outcomes (Abstract LBA6002)
An analysis of cancer registry data from a California hospital system shows that women with head and neck cancer were less likely to receive intensive chemotherapy (35% vs. 46%) and radiation (60% vs. 70%) compared to men. Learn more.

Geriatric Assessment Improves Communication Between Oncologists and Older Patients (Abstract LBA10003)
A federally funded randomized study demonstrated that the use of geriatric assessment in routine care of older adults with advanced cancer significantly improved doctor-patient communication about age-related concerns as well as patient satisfaction with the communication. Learn more.

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