ASCO Announces Newly Elected President-Elect, Board of Directors, Nominating Committee Members

Dec 15, 2016

ASCO is pleased to announce the results of its recent election for President-Elect and positions on the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee. The six newly elected leaders will begin their terms at the conclusion of the 2017 Annual Business Meeting in June.

Monica M. Bertagnolli, MD
2017-2018 President-Elect (2018-2019 President and Chair of the Board, 2019-2020 Chair of the Board, 2020-2021 Past President)

Dr. Bertagnolli is chief of the division of Surgical Oncology at Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center, a professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, and an associate surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Dr. Bertagnolli currently serves as vice president of Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups, group chair of Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology, and president of the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology Foundation. Since joining ASCO in 1995, Dr. Bertagnolli has served on the Board of Directors, as well as on numerous committees, including the ASCP/CAP/AMP/ASCO Colorectal Cancer Guidelines Committee, the Cancer Prevention Committee, and the Strategic Planning Committee, among others.

Dr. Bertagnolli will be the first ASCO President-Elect to serve a 4-year term on the ASCO Board (first year as President-Elect, second year as President and Chair of the Board, third year as Chair of the Board, and fourth year as Past President), following the Bylaws changes that were approved by members in May 2016.

Michael P. Kosty, MD, FACP, FASCO
Board of Directors—Designated Community Oncologist (2017-2021)

Dr. Kosty is director of Scripps Green Cancer Center in La Jolla, California, director of Graduate Medical Education at Scripps Clinic/Scripps Green Hospital, and director of the Hematology/Oncology Fellow Training Program at Scripps Clinic/Scripps Green Hospital. Since joining ASCO in 1986, Dr. Kosty has served as the chair of the Continuing Medical Education Subcommittee, chair of the Oncology Training Program Subcommittee, chair of the Workforce Advisory Group, and chair-elect of the Professional Development Committee. He also served as a member of the Test Materials Development Committee and is ASCO co-chair of the European Society of Medical Oncology–ASCO Global Curriculum Workgroup. He recently co-led the NCI–ASCO Teams in Cancer Care project.

Eric J. Small, MD, FASCO
Board of Directors—Designated Medical Oncologist (2017-2021)

Dr. Small is the deputy director of the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, chief of the Division of Hematology and Oncology in the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, and professor in residence in the Department of Medicine and Department of Urology. Since joining ASCO in 1992, Dr. Small has served as an associate editor for the Journal of Clinical Oncology; chaired the Molecular Markers Scientific Committee, the Scientific Program Committee, the Prostate Cancer Symposium Program Committee, and the grant writing workshop at the ASCO Annual Meeting; and served as the inaugural chair of the Prostate Cancer Symposium Steering Committee. Dr. Small has also served on the Nominating Committee and the Conquer Cancer Foundation Grants Selection Committee, among other commitments.

Reshma Jagsi, MD, DPhil
Board of Directors—Undesignated Specialty (2017-2021)

Dr. Jagsi is professor and deputy chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Michigan, where she is residency program director, treats breast cancer, and conducts health services research. An ASCO member since 2004, Dr. Jagsi currently serves on the CancerLinQ™ Data Governance Oversight Committee and the Bisphosphonates in Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Consensus Expert Panels. She is a past chair of the Ethics Committee and has served on the Scientific Program Committee and the Journal of Clinical Oncology Editorial Board. Dr. Jagsi participated in ASCO’s Leadership Development Program in 2011-2012 and served as an ASCO representative to the American Medical Association.

Cora N. Sternberg, MD, FACP
Nominating Committee—Undesignated Specialty (2017-2020; 2019-2020 Chair)

Dr. Sternberg is the chief of the department of Medical Oncology at the San Camillo-Forlanini Hospital, in Rome, adjunct professor at La Sapienza University, in Rome, adjunct professor of Urology and Urological Oncology at Tufts University Medical School, and adjunct professor at Temple University’s College of Science and Technology. Since joining ASCO in 1985, Dr. Sternberg served ASCO in a variety of capacities. She was the scientific chair of the Prostate Cancer Symposium Program Committee, was ASCO’s representative to the Prostate Cancer Symposium Steering Committee, was on the Genitourinary Symposium Program Committee, and was a member of the International Affairs Committee. Dr. Sternberg was the Genitourinary Cancer Track Leader of the Scientific Program Committee for the 2014 ASCO Annual Meeting and served a 3-year term. She has also been on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Debra A. Patt, MD, MPH, MBA
Nominating Committee—Undesignated Specialty (2017-2020)

Dr. Patt is the vice president of Public Policy and Academic Affairs at Texas Oncology and a medical oncologist at Texas Oncology Cancer Center. Dr. Patt also serves as the medical director of Pathways Task Force at McKesson Specialty Health/The U.S. Oncology Network, the medical director of Publications and Outcomes at McKesson Specialty Health, the medical director of the Breast Cancer Committee at Seton Family of Hospitals, and is the leader of breast health services for The University of Texas Dell Medical School at Austin. Dr. Patt joined ASCO in 2005 and currently serves on the Clinical Oncology Education Committee, the Provider-Payer Initiative Working Group, the Practice Policy and Emerging Issues Working Group, and as editor in chief of JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics. She has also served on the Clinical Practice Committee. In 2014, Dr. Patt completed the Leadership Development Program. Dr. Patt was awarded a Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO Young Investigator Award in 2006.

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