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Jan 04, 2011
January 2011: At the National Cancer Policy Summit in October 2010, ASCO Chief Executive Officer Allen S. Lichter, MD, reported on ASCO’s ongoing efforts to improve cancer care. During his presentation at the summit, convened by the Institute of Medicine’s National Cancer Policy Forum (NCPF), Dr.
Jan 04, 2011
January 2011: Clinical trials have the potential to produce definitive data that facilitates practice-changing treatments for patients with cancer. Without patient-centered trials, the cancer research enterprise cannot sustain progress. For more than a decade, ASCO has made increasing participation in clinical trials a top priority.

Jan 04, 2011
Alan Hilary Calvert, MD, of the University College London Partners, United Kingdom, received the 2010 European Society for Medical Oncology Congress Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in introducing carboplatin as a major anticancer agent for patients with ovarian cancer, and for his role in the development of antifolates (raltitrexed and...
Jan 04, 2011
January 2011 issue: Every human being knows what it feels like to be afraid. But when wearing the metaphoric white coat and stethoscope, oncologists have a responsibility to manage their fears by weighing options and basing decisions on rational thought. Outside of that realm, however, ASCO member Kathy Miller, MD, prefers to embrace her...
Jan 04, 2011
January 2011: Welcome to Last Page, a new column designed to introduce you each quarter to one of ASCO’s many volunteers in nine simple questions.

AC: What led you to oncology?
Jan 04, 2011
The Society mourns the loss of visionary oncologist and former ASCO President (1965-1966) Michael J. Brennan, MD, FACP, who was influential in introducing the concept of specialized care and expanding the use of chemotherapy as a treatment for patients with cancer. Dr. Brennan died on September 22, 2010, at the age of 89.

Jan 04, 2011
January 2011: Merrill J. Egorin, MD, FACP, a world-renowned medicine and pharmacology expert, dedicated his life to improving the care and treatment of patients with cancer through his drug development research. Dr. Egorin’s research took on increasing urgency in 2005 when he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer that occurs...
Dec 24, 2010
ASCO President George W. Sledge, Jr., MD, received the 2010 William L. McGuire Memorial Lecture Award at the 33rd Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS), held December 8-12, 2010.The award honors scientists who have made significant contributions to cancer research. Dr. Sledge is the Ballve-Lantero Professor of Oncology and professor...
Dec 07, 2010
The ASCO Humanitarian Award recognizes oncologists who personify ASCO’s mission and values by going above and beyond the call of duty in providing outstanding patient care through innovative means or exceptional service or leadership in the United States or abroad. It is presented to individuals who distinguish themselves through voluntary and non...
Dec 03, 2010
November 2010: The Society mourns the loss of long-time ASCO volunteer Karen A. Johnson, MD, PhD, MPH, who died of ovarian cancer on August 19, 2010, at the age of 64.

Dr. Johnson was known by her colleagues as a researcher who was passionate about cancer prevention and translating it into patient benefit, even before her...