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Oct 27, 2015

Oncology professionals are active across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, using these sites to disseminate news and information, connect with friends and colleagues, and share the occasional personal photo or amusing “listicle.”

But when you want to use your online time to connect specifically with ASCO members and other people active in the oncology world, is ideally suited to help you expand your professional network. We offer myriad user-friendly ways to connect. Try some of the following capabilities today.

Comment on posts written by ASCO leadership, thought leaders, and experts in the field.

The first thing you see on our homepage is a ribbon of the latest posts by our online columnists. Click on Commentary and you’ll see a cascade of even more posts. We publish regular commentary by a diverse cadre of members representing a variety of specialties, settings, and career paths, including academic and community oncologists, clinical investigators, allied health professionals, and more.

To start a conversation with one of these esteemed writers, read one of their posts and scroll down to the bottom to leave a comment in a simple field. (Make sure you’re signed in with your username and password first; we keep this space friendly and professional by not allowing anonymous comments.) Once you hit “publish,” your comment will be shared immediately—but you can use the “edit” feature at any time if you notice a typo. You can also reply to other comments on the posts directly; your reply will nest under the original comment, so the conversation is easy to follow.

Not only are you engaging with the columnist and the other commenters, you’re putting your name, ideas, and opinions out in a forum read by potential mentors, collaborators, and future employers. It’s a great way to make a good impression and demonstrate your interest in the issues facing oncology care providers today.

In other words, would you like the ASCO President to know your name? Comment on her latest post!

Contribute your own post for our Guest Commentary column.

In addition to our individual columnists, features a Guest Commentary column, where we welcome one-time posts from ASCO members. You can recap an amazing oncology meeting or presentation you attended, share a personal perspective on timely issues in oncology practice (such as drug shortages, changing health care legislation, or work-life balance, to name just a few), or offer a snapshot of the unique challenges and successes of care delivery in the setting, region, or country where you practice.

If you lead an ASCO committee, work group, task force, or advisory board, this is the perfect space to highlight your group’s latest efforts.

Email ASCO Connection editorial staff to discuss your great idea for a Guest Commentary post.

Have a lot to say? Talk to ASCO Connection staff about starting a personal column.

If you are a current ASCO member, love to write, and can commit to contributing about one post per month, we’d love to discuss the opportunity of starting your own Commentary column. You do the writing and provide the images; we’ll do the copyediting, photo editing, and online posting.

Posts from online columns are frequently reprinted in the print issue of ASCO Connection and our annual special edition, The Best of ASCO Connection Commentary, bringing your words to our print readership as well.

Email ASCO Connection editorial staff about starting a Commentary column.

Comment on articles from our latest print issue and exclusive online coverage.

Articles from the ASCO Connection print issues are published online under “Magazine.” If you’re logged in, you can comment on the latest expert debate about a controversial disease management strategy, share your thoughts on exclusive interviews with authors of Journal of Clinical Oncology and Journal of Oncology Practice original reports, remark on how ASCO’s latest advocacy efforts will affect your practice, congratulate members on their recent achievements, and more.

While you’re there, check out the latest issue as an interactive digital magazine.

Start a Discussion about a topic of interest to you.

In our Discussion section, you can participate in online Tumor Boards led by expert faculty and facilitated by ASCO University®. You can also start your own Discussion on any oncology topic that interests you. Create a thread to continue a conversation that started at an oncology meeting, ask a question about best practices in quality improvement or clinical trial accrual, or ponder the value implications of a recently completed study, among other possibilities.

Choose “Start a Discussion” (you must be logged in to start a new Discussion or comment/reply in an ongoing thread). Give your thread an informative title, choose the broad topic in which it best fits from the menu, then pose your thoughts or questions in the text field. You can attach supporting files, like a photo, PowerPoint slide, or document. When you click “Publish,” your Discussion is open for business.

Join or start a Working Group for long-term engagement around a common interest.

Working Groups are a great option when you want to create a space for ongoing discussion and collaboration, and to engage with colleagues across geographic barriers. Working Groups can be open or invitation-only, and can support discussion posts, document and file sharing, event information, and polling. Anyone logged in to the site can request to join an existing group; ASCO members can request to start a new group.

The potential is endless: start a group to streamline file-sharing for an ongoing collaborative project, an online Journal Club with colleagues from institutions around the world, a support group for oncology professionals who are also new parents, or a networking space for underrepresented groups in your specialty.

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