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Jan 04, 2011
January 2011: Ethics is an intrinsic part of medicine, from the Hippocratic Oath and the principle of “first, do no harm,” to the daily considerations of patient privacy and informed consent. The ASCO Ethics Committee helps members navigate the ethical complications of the modern practice of oncology. In the following conversation with...
Nov 22, 2010
November 2010: Finding the right mentor and developing a productive relationship with him or her can be a critical move for an early-career oncologist.
Sep 23, 2010
October 2010 Issue: In our days of accelerated discoveries, light-speed communication, and rapidly changing technology, the world of physicians is overloaded with arrays of new data and the spread of new information.
Sep 22, 2010
October 2010: Technology can be a boon and a burden to the busy oncologist—new tools and applications can streamline information and save time, but researching and learning to use all the latest gadgets can be frustrating and time consuming. ASCO’s IT Committee is focused on helping oncology professionals apply technology in the most...
Sep 22, 2010
October 2010 Issue: Chile has become one of the most stable democratic nations in the region. However, despite significant economic growth that has reduced poverty rates by half, the annual estimated incidence of cancer is still 240 per 100,000 inhabitants.
Sep 22, 2010
October 2010 Issue: ASCO’s Quality Oncology Practice Initiative, or QOPI®, was first proposed to the Society’s Board of Directors in 2002 by Joseph V. Simone, MD, who envisioned ASCO as the international leader in promoting high quality cancer care.
Sep 22, 2010
October 2010 Issue: These tips might help busy oncologists improve digital productivity and reclaim lost time.
Sep 22, 2010
October 2010 Issue: Oncology is a field that embraces cutting-edge technology, celebrating new imaging techniques and innovative personalized treatment regimens that can improve the lives of patients with cancer.
Sep 22, 2010
October 2010 Issue: Time magazine’s annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world recognized ASCO members Larry W. Kwak, MD, PhD, and Douglas J. Schwartzentruber, MD, for their contributions to the field of cancer vaccine research.
Sep 20, 2010
September 2010: ASCO Connection recently followed up with 2005 recipient of the ASCO Cancer Foundation Young Investigator Award (YIA) supported by the Journal of Clinical Oncology (JCO)—...