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ASCO University Offers New Mobile Friendly “Focus Under Forty” Course on iTunes

Dec 19, 2012

Treating adolescent and young adult patients (AYAs; ages 15-39) with cancer can present its own set of challenges related to the unique biology and care issues of this population. As a result, ASCO University has established a new course on iTunes that utilizes materials from the “Focus Under Forty” series on ASCO University, along with Cancer.Net’s “Moving Forward” series, and which is designed to educate both healthcare professionals and patients. Not only does this course contain a multimedia library of resources including podcasts and videos (which can be downloaded and viewed at a later time), but it can be accessed using any mobile device, thus making it a convenient method of learning on-the-go. Oncologists and cancer care providers will benefit from having access to all of the Focus Under Forty content in one location, and can easily share these valuable resources with their patients.

Important topics covered in this course include fertility preservation, breast cancer as a second malignancy, clinical trials for AYAs, supportive care, survivorship, and sexuality issues.  To enroll on this course through iTunes, go to https://itunes.apple.com/us/course/cancer-care-for-adolescents/id588456381. Additional content will be added as it becomes available, so check in frequently for updates and new materials.

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