Exclusive Journals Coverage

Exclusive Journals Coverage articles provide quick insight and additional author perspectives on select studies recently published in Journal of Clinical Oncology and Journal of Oncology Practice.

Dec 20, 2012
While ASCO represents oncologists on the national level, the Society’s state and regionally based affiliates represent the needs of this constituency on the local level. Aligning ASCO’s resources for the common good of oncologists is one way to influence the ever-changing face of health care. Recently, ASCO’s State/Regional Affiliates were...
Dec 19, 2012
In an effort to expand its curriculum to focus on issues relevant to nurse practitioners and physician assistants (and the oncologists who work with them), ASCO University recently hosted a live webinar entitled, “Team-based Care in Oncology.” The goal of...
Dec 19, 2012
Interview with Marie Wood, MD, Director of the Familial Cancer Program at the University of Vermont Cancer Center, faculty member on ASCO University Genetic Testing in Oncology Course
Dec 19, 2012
Treating adolescent and young adult patients (AYAs; ages 15-39) with cancer can present its own set of challenges related to the unique biology and care issues of this population.
Dec 19, 2012
Mentorship programs encourage medical students to enter the field: 
Dec 12, 2012
ASCO Connection recently checked in with Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO grant recipient Graham Warren, MD, PhD, of Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Dr. Warren received a 2008 Young Investigator Award (YIA), which provides funding to promising investigators to encourage and promote quality research in clinical oncology. In the...
Dec 10, 2012
ASCO is pleased to announce the results of the recent Society election for President-Elect, the Board of Directors, and the Nominating Committee. The seven new leaders, who have a depth and breadth of experience within ASCO and in other organizations, will begin their positions at the 2013...
Nov 21, 2012
By Katia Khoury, MD, research fellow, Breast Center of Excellence, NK Basile Cancer Institute, American University of Beirut Medical Center, Beirut, Lebanon

Hussein A. Assi, MD, research fellow, Breast Center of Excellence, NK Basile Cancer Institute, American University of Beirut Medical...
Nov 09, 2012
Lori Cuffari was having an ordinary workday in the spring of 2008 when she put her hand on her neck while talking on the phone.