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Sep 07, 2011
In July, ASCO released a policy statementthat outlined specific provisionsof the 2010 Patient Protection andAffordable Care Act that have thepotential to reduce racial and economicdisparities in cancer prevention, diagnosis,and treatment in the United States....
Sep 07, 2011
As both temperatures and tensionaround the federal budget debateclimbed to record highs in mid-summer,ASCO took a strong stand in oppositionto the $3 billion in cuts to Medicarereimbursement for chemotherapydrugs and biologics.
Sep 07, 2011
“When I was told I would lose my fertility, it was devastating. But I don’t think you really grasp it fully because there’s so much going on—you’re trying to beat cancer and you’re fighting for your life. However, as you start to heal and you realize what’s happened, it’s a very hard pill to swallow,” said Tamika Felder, a 10-year cancer survivor...
Sep 07, 2011
With mobile apps from ASCO and Cancer.Net, it is easier than ever for patients to find the latest cancer information and for oncology professionals to stay up-to-date on the resources available for patients.

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Sep 07, 2011
Chair of the Departmentof Gastrointestinal MedicalOncology at the University ofTexas M. D. Anderson CancerCenter and ASCO Board ofDirectors member AC: What led you to oncology?
Dr. Abbruzzese:
I was influenced byone of my biology professors in collegewho gave a lecture on the originof cancer and the discovery of...
Sep 06, 2011
Dear ASCO Members,

I’m pleased to announce that ASCO has just launched a dynamic new resource for policy news and information related to oncology practice: the new ASCO in Action microsite
Aug 04, 2011
At the 2011 ASCO Annual Business Meeting, the membership approved the following name changes to the Society’s member categories to better describe the roles of each oncology professional eligible for membership. In addition, one new category was added.
Aug 03, 2011
Dr. Kris made approximately six trips to Dulac, Louisiana, between 2006 and 2009, to help families rebuild homes devastated by Hurricane Rita in 2005 and Hurricane Ike in 2009.
Jul 20, 2011
ASCO member Jay Rhee, MD, reached the semifinals for the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. In the first video , Dr. Rhee discusses with Alex Trebek his experience being interviewed by ASCO...
Jul 18, 2011
ASCO’s primary goals in health informationtechnology are to acceleratethe transfer of new knowledge intoclinical practice; continue improvingthe quality of cancer care, which inturn leads to improved health and economicoutcomes; and help communityand academic practices transition tohealth care delivery in a digital age.Accordingly, this month’s...